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Games Localization

The world of games has experienced dramatic change over the course of the past few decades, evolving from simple "ping-pong" arcade distractions to designs and themes for personal computers, dedicated consoles, portable players, and mobile devices. Thus, one might incorrectly assume that a game that functions well enough on an older PC would work even better on a new model. It would also be tempting to think that a relatively recent edition of a game popular on one platform would pose no challenge if it were transferred to another. Such is the nature of technology and the way people use it. Technology, if it works properly, is accepted without question, and what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. If a game is a hit in an English-speaking western country, shouldn't it be a hit in an eastern country too?

Localization is increasingly familiar to those who work in the realm of technology. Nevertheless, the process of game localization is made more critical by the compound requirements of its markets: the game must be localized to work smoothly and transparently on the prevalent operating systems of a new market; all dialog, whether audible or visual, must be translated in such a way that its accuracy and appeal are retained; and the overall presentation must succeed on the basis of culture. All this must be ensured with respect to laptop computers, tablets, game consoles, and mobile devices. If there's a team play mode, that must be accommodated, and consequently one has the additional consideration of streaming.

The Translation Gate is an ace in the realm of games. Our product localization teams and network of tested professional translators--including specialists in games and related products--are ready to help you build market share. Through the dedicated efforts of our in-house staff of account managers, project managers, and coordinators--augmented by experts in digital technology and multimedia--your game product can become a household name in a new market. The Translation Gate is ready for you. We think globally . . . act locally.


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