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Internet and E-commerce

Think of anything that can be manufactured, sold, traded, or repaired. Think of any service that can be promoted. Think of any technology that can be developed or any idea that can be shared. Think of a photograph, song, video, or news report. Consider all these things, and you'll have an idea of the impact that the Internet and e-commerce have had on modern life. It was just several years ago that the Internet was a playground of mathematicians and computer experts, but quickly the public seized upon it as the answer to a fundamental need: it was the need to reach beyond what could be seen with the naked eye, into the awareness of potential consumers wherever they might be.

The growth of the Internet and associated technologies has been guided and governed by groups and committees of experts so that it could truly become a vehicle of growth for society worldwide. This guidance made way for the emergence of e-commerce and online auctions, quickly followed by the development of software and hosting for the common person. No longer was it necessary to pay thousands in cash for a website whose performance might not be consistent from one platform to the next. Instead, one could choose a hosting service and then select from a variety of design templates. Anyone with a computer and Internet access could have a site with which to buy or sell goods and services. One could even trade in currency markets.

The corporate sector has the most critical need for efficiency in Web operations. Every element on every page of the site has to work in a problem-free manner, and there are monitoring stations in place to track that performance. Servers with increasingly higher speeds and capacities have been introduced as part of the effort to build and maintain the flow of traffic. The question, then, is whether your site will be displayed in all the languages representing your current and potential markets. A visitor in an Arabic-speaking country might be able to read the text in English, French, or German, but the cultural connection will be lost. Moreover, functional challenges will emerge if the Arabic text isn't presented in its proper configuration.

The Translation Gate speaks the languages of the Internet. We're fluent in the dialects of e-commerce and corporate customer service. As our client, you will benefit from our vast experience in the technologies of translation and project coordination, account management, layout, localization, Arabization, and multimedia. Your site will speak on your behalf. It will forge a direct connection with the audience in your destination market. How is this possible? The Translation Gate thinks globally . . . acts locally.

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