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The practice of law is engagement in research, discovery of fact, the minute discernment of time and occurrence, the application of ethics, and the skills of courtroom diplomacy. In defense and in prosecution, as in criminal law, civil law, patent law, entertainment law, or wills and estates, everything is tested, argued and verified on the basis of precedent. The field of law is a realm of intellectuals, seekers, and gifted orators. It's a world of diligent daily practitioners of an age-old craft, just as it is a haven of brilliant theorists. Law constitutes the reconciliation of divergent motives, needs and beliefs. It protects the lawful and identifies the perpetrator. It secures intellectual rights and compensates for infractions against those rights. All this goes forth on the basis of words, and those words must be documented for posterity.

Successful law firms often call upon the skills of language service providers (LSPs) for the translation of documents from current and past cases. In any international case, where there is precedent, the concerned parties will need to explore that precedent in great detail. Patents, civil and criminal cases, political objectives, and public issues all fall under intense study so that the greater society can be preserved. Again, this is achieved through documentation and the exchange of ideas; and an expert translation team is integral to the process.

The Translation Gate can be an invaluable assistant, assuring you of accurately and promptly translated case histories, risk assessments, testimonies and court documents. Trust us to know the process not only for our home territory but for yours as well. We command a global network of tested professional linguists with the experience to fulfill your needs and timetables. If you have questions, we'll answer them. When you need certified court translators, we'll have them. The Translation Gate is on your side. We think globally . . . act locally.

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