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Marketing and Corporate Communications

A product isn't a product until it has a market of willing and able buyers. In order for such a market to be realized, the product must also be backed by a distribution and sales plan. Project managers, district sales managers, advertising teams, designers, copywriters, photographers, and media producers get involved, but all those people must function as a whole in order to achieve a viable presence in the marketplace.

The product launch constitutes the various phases and elements of that effort. With respect to a new product or a model update, it creates an image that the public will see amid the clutter. Given sufficient preparation of that image, the public will accept and assimilate it. So, again we have the question of cultural appropriateness: is your marketing message expressed accurately and attractively in the language of the target market, or is it stubbornly resistant to the challenge of translation?

The Translation Gate thrives amid the challenges of multicultural marketing. After all, our home market is diverse, with a rich variety of subcultures and dialects represented. So, when you want to build a base in the Middle East, Africa and Asia Minor or beyond, speak to us. Your dedicated account manager will work with you to develop an effective program for your message and its associated content, while the project manager and coordinator will guide a team of tested professional translators to ensure the correct terminology. Our DTP experts, localization engineers, and multimedia staff will do their part too, and soon you'll establish a friendly, trusted presence in your new market.

The Translation Gate has this as its mission. It is our goal to create and fortify the bonds of commerce, academia and science for the benefit of people throughout the world. At home here in the Middle East, and in countries on every continent, you'll find companies whose own goals have been met with our help. We'll be proud to help you, too.


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