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If the localization requirements of games are critical, they're doubly so with regard to software and IT. Again, cultural expertise is essential for your software, service, technology, or communications device to be able to reach its target audience in the Middle East. The Arabic language is written from right to left--not from left to right as Western languages--so the product must go through the process of Arabization in order to satisfy the needs of its consumers. Thus we have digital technology, Web architecture, and an inverse arrangement of documentation in print and virtual forms: a triple threat.

The Translation Gate is your logical choice, because the Arabic market is our home base. Our account managers are here in metropolitan Cairo, as are our project managers, coordinators, localization engineers, and multimedia experts. We live and breathe this market, and we can ensure a smooth transition for your ultimate success in the Middle East. Everywhere that people and companies have a need for a culturally and technically appropriate version of your product, you can deliver it with our professional skills. After all, we're the LSP of choice for leading companies such as Microsoft. The Translation Gate thinks globally . . . acts locally.

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