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About Us

The Translation Gate has been established in 2004 in Cairo as a direct response to the increasing need for communication between the Middle East and the global marketplace. Due to our excellent early results, we were able to build strong relationships with clients throughout the region, as well as in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

In our process we refined the management and production processes to ensure the quickest possible turnaround and the best possible service. We accrued a network of tested, professional linguists to cover a vast array of language combinations and subject specialties. We sought not merely linguists but the true stars of the profession, people who live and breathe their home languages and strive to express them with perfect clarity. Through an exhaustive process of assessment and research, we built a global team of subject experts and general linguists whose skills would meet our clients’ critical needs. Needless to say, the effort succeeded, and The Translation Gate is continuously on the leadership of the Middle Eastern translation market. Ultimately, we became synonymous with the term "Arabization" as it applies to translation, communication and multimedia.