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The world has no shortage of companies that offer translation and localization services. Many will tout their skills and even claim that they're the best. However...

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Desktop publishing is a specialty in itself. It's a combination of craft, art and technology. DTP should never be accepted as a "me too" or "value-added" service in which...

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QA Testing

Consider the reality of multilingual communication as expressed by a simple statement; “A translation or localization is only as good as the results it obtains.”


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Multimedia Translation

The printed word, despite its long-held supremacy, has encountered a very serious rival in the digital age. Modern technology has brought forth the means to present ideas...

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The Translation Gate, given its expertise as a provider of language services, localization, DTP, and multimedia, is also a comprehensive...

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Artwork and Screenshots

The Translation Gate staff encompasses the spectrum of talents and skills needed for the accurate reproduction of graphics, screenshots and other visual...

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Every language has its own vocabulary, and basically any language is capable of expressing a given idea. However, while one particular dialect...

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Machine Translation Post-Editing

Occasionally, machine translation post-editing (MTPE) is requested. Usually, such requests are from very large LSPs that must constantly...

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A language is the music of the culture that speaks it. A language is the rhythm of daily life. It's the power of commerce; the lifeblood of academia and science...

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