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A language is the music of the culture that speaks it. A language is the rhythm of daily life. It's the power of commerce; the lifeblood of academia and science. Even in a major world language such as English, there are variants whose distinctions are based on geography, proximity and history. Consider the example of an American who finds himself in a British pub. There is plenty of music and conversation, but he probably won't know the songs being played nor will he understand much of the slang. This is the dynamic that, when extended to software and other technologies, is answered through localization.

The Arabic language is actually a large, diverse group of dialects that have been cultivated over the centuries in widely divergent environments. Its use extends across Northern and Sub-Saharan Africa into Egypt and Saudi Arabia and the nations of the Middle East. Arabic can also be heard in cities and communities throughout the world, from Europe to the Americas and the Pacific Rim. However, while English and the European languages are read from left to right, Arabic is read from right to left. This presents significant challenges in terms of typography, design, layout, and prepress. The Translation Gate is your source for expert Arabization. Not only do we ensure excellence in the printed and digital domains, but more importantly, we know and respect the language and culture of our home region. So, when you come to us for knowledge of the Arabic marketplace, we'll honor your trust. We think globally . . . act locally.

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