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Every language has its own vocabulary, and basically any language is capable of expressing a given idea. However, while one particular dialect might have several different words for sand and wind or snow and ice, the ability to distinguish one from the others--the capacity to understand the subtlest nuance--is characteristic of those who dedicate their lives to words and communication. So, when we place this dynamic in the context of industry, academia, science, or law, its requirements become more critical. One can't expect to have a discourse in engineering with the tools of poetry, nor could we expect to launch a line of flavored yogurts with language taken from engineering. Every word has its place, and every word in print should convey the intended meaning. We believe language can motivate and inspire in a way that nothing else can.

The Translation Gate has developed an impressive methodology for the implementation of dictionaries, terminologies, and glossaries. For your project, we'll work with your staff in marketing communications, legal, product engineering, and sales to capture the full vocabulary of your sector and the terms that are specific to your content. The information will be conveyed to the project coordinator and, in turn, the translators, editors, and reviewers to ensure the utmost accuracy. So, whether your goal is to reach into the Middle Eastern marketplace or any other, the language we use will be free of confusion. This is possible because we think globally . . . act locally.

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