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Desktop publishing is a specialty in itself. It's a combination of craft, art and technology. DTP should never be accepted as a "me too" or "value-added" service in which anyone generally familiar with computer use would suffice. In this very critical aspect of the communication process, all changes must be recorded and double-checked. Every cost factor must be included in the itemization of your project, and each expenditure must be justified with respect to the end product. Moreover, the DTP process must be accomplished by those who understand the workings of color, layout, typography, digital prepress, and Web publishing. You, as the customer and client, should have a clear indication of the final product from the early stage of development on to the finish, and that product should fully consider the needs and characteristics of the target market.

The Translation Gate has many years of experience in multilingual DTP. We employ a comprehensive array of graphics and layout programs - on Mac and PC platforms - to create publications and media which respect the origin and intent of our clients' content. Leading companies throughout the world have benefited from our expertly produced user guides, technical and collateral materials. So, think of desktop publishing as the mirror of your corporate image. If your current materials don't accurately reflect that image, it's time for a change. The Translation Gate has the technical acumen needed to ensure outstanding results.

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