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TTG | Services | Machine Translation Post-Editing

Machine Translation Post-Editing

Occasionally, machine translation post-editing (MTPE) is requested for technical or fast-turnaround projects. While some might question the viability of any machine translation, the technology is progressing rapidly and therefore has its uses.

Any machine translation, regardless of the program's sophistication, must be subjected to post-editing. This is the human interface that ensures the accuracy and flow of the translated text. Today, of course, there are means available to facilitate post-editing in a dedicated online environment. The Translation Gate is fluent in all forms of machine translation and post-editing, right up to the latest technical developments. If you're a large LSP with a critical need for rapid turnaround and problem-free accuracy, look to us. If you're a law firm or international manufacturer with vast amounts of documentation to translate and edit, we'll be here for you. In every case, the work will be performed with the same dedicated professionalism we give to all our projects in translation, localization, DTP, and digital media. The same proofreaders, editors, and reviewers who quality-check our human translations will examine your machine translation. The Translation Gate is structured to make every project professional, effective and affordable. We think globally . . . act locally.

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