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Multimedia Translation

The printed word, despite its long-held supremacy, has encountered a very serious rival in the digital age. Modern technology has brought forth the means to present ideas, educational materials, sales presentations, scientific and technical exhibits, and manuals and training tools through myriad combinations of sound, color, text, and imagery. The DVD and Web formats have made it possible to reach, inform, entertain, and captivate the viewer. In fact, multimedia has almost singlehandedly built the Internet, transforming it from a programmer's hobby to the world's most viable tool for communication. The chances are very good that anything one can read on paper will also be found in a digital form.

Imagine the challenge of answering the question; "Who made the first audio recording?" without the help of the Internet. Today, the answer - Edouard Leon Scott de Martinville (25 March 1857) -arrives with a few keystrokes. Now, extend that idea to the present day and ask, "How can one disseminate a message globally, in multiple languages, from a single point or a single medium?" The answer is multimedia, in the form of the Web. No matter which type of device the audience member might have--a smart phone, a laptop, a tablet, or a High-Definition flat-screen TV--the same full-color content and clear, digital audio will be there to drive home your message. Moreover, the same program data can be made available on DVD. The choice is yours to make, so choose wisely. The Translation Gate thinks globally . . . acts locally.

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