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QA Testing

Consider the reality of multilingual communication as expressed by a simple statement; “A translation or localization is only as good as the results it obtains.” For example, an academic paper should employ a vocabulary specific to the vernacular of its intended audience, and similarly, a children's book should be straightforward, educational and entertaining for an audience of formative minds. Thus the validity of a document or media product--the ability to speak convincingly to the market--is accomplished through a process of comparison, fact-checking, and review. The Translation Gate brings its expertise to that process, employing the skills of tested professional linguists and in-house quality assurance specialists to ensure accuracy in every aspect.

Our experience in quality assurance testing extends to projects in education and training. Through the modern principles of cognition and assimilation, together with your knowledge base, we can structure a testing program that produces qualitative, quantifiable results. Bring us your parameters for learning assessment, and we'll provide the means to verify, correct, and refine the assessment program. You'll benefit from the same team approach that we use for our translation and localization work, and our reporting will be thorough. The Translation Gate embodies excellence in QA testing.


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