Machine translation services: with or against?

When Machine translation services germany (MT) is mentioned; Many voices arouse between supporters and opponents. Any advanced technology tends to have advantages and disadvantages and this is the case with Machine translation services germany . Therefore, we can find a lot of translators who regard it as the best option to produce a text and other seeing it as the worst experience that one could go through.

The final word here is that MT is an option that should be used for a purpose otherwise it will be misused and could ruin your text.

Let’s define Machine translation (MT):

Machine translation services berlin is a software that could easily translate text from one language to another. This is done by just a click through the substitution of one word from the source language to another in the target language while losing accuracy and quality most of the time.

As we agreed nothing is ultimately good or bad let’s check the advantages and disadvantage of MT:

The advantages of Machine translation (MT):

  • MT is the fastest way to translate a text with only one click.
  • Too cheap as it is used online.
  • You can add a human review of MT to improve the quality.
  • One of the options to regain the main terms of a text.
  • You can integrate MT with a cloud-based TMS.
  • It’s one of the options when you have a long project as MT could provide you with unified terms.

The disadvantages of Machine translation (MT):

  • MT is not fully accurate.
  • MT is better with certain languages such as English and French but with uncommon languages gets poorer with low quality.
  • Moreover, MT accuracy depends on the subject too, so medical translation services germany in it will totally differ from the general translation.
  • It is difficult to translate technical terms, slang, or nuanced meanings.
  • The structure of some sentences is too weak.

How to choose the best Machine translation (MT) option from which you could reach a better result?

If you are interested in the translation services berlin field you will surely know that the internet is loaded by hundreds of Machine Translation software.

There are Machine translation services germany software specialized in only certain languages, there are others specialized in certain types of context such as medicallegal, or financial. In addition, there are software specialized in all kind of fields of translation and all the languages.

Thus, according to your need you have to choose the best option that will be the best fit for your needs.

In conclusion, as we have agreed nothing is totally wrong or totally good, all depends on how you choose and apply it and this is surely applied with translation memory.

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