Digital Transformation

Save Time and Money with Digital Transformation

Technology the primary domain of Digital Transformation

Moving forward with the digital transformation must be based on a set of long-term goals with a robust plan process to achieve your business’s future. So let’s discuss below the best practice of Technology, which is considered the primary domain of Digital Transformation: that will help you save time and money as an Entrepreneur.

Implementing Technology in your business management

The most strategic way to accelerate your digital transformation backbone is implementing Technology in your business management. From tracking down project goals to recruitment and managing project budget to collaboration between team members, there is a lot to consider when running and managing projects. This factor holds while choosing the most suitable project management software tool.


Uses of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Technology and Machine Translation 

During your Digital Transformation process, you will need to integrate old documents, legal documents, scanned images, faxes, screenshots into the new technology you will use and different languages. The Translation Gate uses Machine Translation (MT) integrated with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Technology to solve this completed Digital Transformation process with low expenses and high quality.


Best practice of Digital Transformation for Marketing and Sales

The most benefit of Digital Transformation for Marketing And Sales is that you can go global using translation management technology, one of our good services in The Translation Gate. Our translation management technology team comprises programmers and business analysts who support and integrate with our customers’ teams. Regardless of the Technology or software, you are using, our Terminology Management and technology translation services providers will adapt to your needs. We can help you to get:

  • Website Localization.
  • Machine Translation and Technology Translation Services.
  • Mobile APP
  • Terminology Management.

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Artificial Intelligence technology


Use Artificial Intelligence technology to improve your customer experience

Sunil Vaswani, the Indian billionaire, identifies the Digital transformation as immigrating customers to modern technology environments to make fast interactions and reduce costs with better customer service experiences.

Artificial Intelligence is the most effective Technology to integrate with your customer support service. This intelligent integration will result: efficient Communication, errors free and will help customers in a quick sales decision. Please check our latest articles about Artificial Intelligence.

The advantages of Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Alan Turing, the father of artificial intelligence

The early start of Digital Transformation prevents your business from complexity.

Frito-Lay is an American subsidiary of PepsiCo, a $16 billion a year company that includes Lays, Doritos, with millions and millions of customers. Frito-lay’s digital transformation work has involved revising the way the corporate culture thinks about complexity, says Lindsey:

“The human nature tendency is to say, ‘I’m going to restrict the complexity. I’m going to try to manage my way through the complexity and simplify the world, and I’ll execute what I do extremely well. Our cultural shift has been to embrace complexity, to say that the only way to get that extra bit of growth to go from 94 to 97% household penetration, is to say, ‘I’m going to go after every single micro-moment of demand, and I’m going to fulfill it perfectly at scale.’ That’s an immense technological and cultural challenge, to tell people, ‘We’re not going to try to simplify the world; we’re going to use technology to manage that complexity.


Are you still overpowered and scared from Digital Transformation?

Assuming your business profits by the most recent advances, you are progressing nicely and are starting your business to victories. Then, you may feel overpowered and scared by the rising innovation in the public arena or do not have the critical technically knowledgeable abilities and experience. Accordingly, you neither use nor stay aware of present-day innovation. By that, you deny your business chances for development and achievement as it may. Therefore, we’ve made a rundown of the most well-known kinds of business innovation that throughout the planet and that you ought likewise to use to maintain your business.

Successful businesses depend intensely on innovation. Indeed, it drives and supports their business activities. That is why it is essential to comprehend the cutting-edge innovation that is promptly accessible to us and how it very well may be utilized to our comfort.

Remember: “At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next ten years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies” John Chambers

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