Need to Go Global? Reach Local Through Website Localization

Have you ever visited a website written in a language you don’t understand? I am sure you have. And I bet the first thing that came through your mind then is trying to find the language tab so you can switch the display language and do what you came for. Then, and only then, comes the urgent need for website localization. Imagine looking up a product or googling a piece of information -so you can prove your friends wrong and assert your cognitive dominance- and never finding the result in your mother tongue. Frustrating? Imagine this happening with one of your clients or customers on your business website. To prevent this from happening, website translation services act like a superhero with a cape and hop in to pull the said, beloved, customer from the depth of despair to linguistically satisfy them. First, you need to know your hero indeed.

Website localization
Website localization

What is Website Localization?

Let us agree that website localization is not an easy all-nighter website language translation service that ends in translating a website’s content word by word into another language. It goes way beyond that. Website localization can be defined as a process of adjusting a website to fit a different audience than the original one that the website was coded for. Typically, an audience that speaks a different language, abide by a different culture, and roots to a different background. A multi-step process of building bridges that enable local businesses to go global.

Why should you consider localizing your website?

Why would you invest money, time, and effort in localizing your business website? What is the worth? The long-awaited future is happening right before our eyes. The future in which we expected a big open world, a cosmopolitan world, I might add, where people around the globe can reach each other and get things done. Though, globalization and localization are not two words with the same end syllables by chance. Localization goes hand in hand with globalization, as it enables connecting with potential customers overseas who do not speak your language, therefore, unlocks the possibility of your products hitting the jackpot by knocking at the global market door. As you might notice, there are huge opportunities lies in online languages with large populations who speak them like Chinese and Spanish. Simple math works magic, more languages equal more audience. More audience equals more potential customers. More potential customers equal more success and papers. Voila!

What is the BTS of the Website Translation Services?

Linguistically, localizing a website shall be done by taking some factors into consideration. The tone of voice, for example, is a key factor in the process. Some languages, cultures too, prefer formal tones over-friendly ones. Some others go slang-ish to reach deeper into readers. On the other hand, the culture, customs, and traditions of the target language are must-know fundamentals that float a localizer through the wavy oceans of misunderstanding. Further to lingo or jargon of the target language that relates to the nature of the website being localized. A news website cannot be localized using general jargon or street lingo, for instance. A complex process? Yes. Does it worth it? Absolutely yes.

Website Localization

Website Localization, Take One. Knowledge, Tools, Action!

Our main actor, the protagonist, is the website localization service provider, AKA localization company. And the role it plays breaks down, as follows, multipleiple steps that are key in completing the process successfully.

  • Content Extraction

That includes understanding the nature of the website content and learning about the market it competes in. Then, constructing a glossary or vocabulary of text strings or data points to be translated. The most efficient strategy to use in this step is automated procedures with human monitoring, which could take the wheel of everything from linguistic direction to functionality.

  • Functionality Quality Check

No need to mention that quality assurance (QA) is an important block in the building of website localization. Recently, many tools help to automate this step with the final review of human eye.

This is the techie recipe of the process which involves a lot of software, a fair share of ones and zeros, and a bunch of organizing. The output of the said recipe is a delicious plate full of correctly integrated files into the code stack which ensures that all placeholders are put and formatted before the language and data inputs are entered.

  • QA

This step is where all the testing happens. A list of the client requirements is checked and made sure it was met. On the other side, a test is run to make sure that the localized version of the website functions the way it meant to.

  • LQA

Linguistic quality assurance shall be the eventual checkpoint to assure that the final version of the website, after being localized, is good to go from a linguist point of view. This is done hand in hand with taking into consideration the cultural aspects of the target audience.

After all of the aforementioned points is achieved successfully, the website localization process can be considered complete and the website can go live in the new languages.

How to Choose the Right Website Translation Services Provider?

After knowing better about the superhero, we talked about, the time to let him save you comes. You will need to choose the proper company to tailor you a custom-fitted plan to shoot you through the sky of business achievements. Look for a localization company that has actual and sufficient experience with the language pair you require as well as website translation and localization work relating to your specific industry. It is better to deal with a localization company that is located in a country that speaks the tongue you want to localize your website into.

Website Localization
Website Localization

Inquire about the said company’s experience in detail, and read as many reviews and feedbacks as possible from its previous clients, especially any on website localization projects. Choose the company that has a professional and agile project manager and ask them to know more about the website localization process they go through in detail. Then, compare their process with the knowledge you gained from this blog so you can make the choice yourself.

Long story short, when in Rome, speak as the Romans speak. If you are a business owner who competes only in the local market, now the time to grow bolder and bigger by going global. Address your potential customers beyond the borders in their language so you can connect on a more personal level. You, my dear, can never speak with someone on the other bank of a river (global customers). You need some sort of a bridge, or in our case, a superhero (website localization) to hop on his back while he flies you to the opposite bank.

At The Translation Gate, we firmly believe that we have top-notch bridge builders that are able to fill the gap and connect businesses with customers in a blink. We are able, with our long years of success, to localize a website from one language to another as if it was coded natively in the target language seamlessly. In addition to our vision to take the initiative and use cutting-edge technology to execute error-free projects that aim for the stars. So, don’t waste any more time debating and get us on the dial screen to take it from here.

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