Audio Translation Services

The Translation Gate’s unrivaled audio translation services help you save time and money on all of your transcription projects. Our audio translators avoid the hassle and expense of separate transcription and translation by transcribing directly into the target language.

Audio translation may cover a wide range of translation tasks, demands, and specifications. Some audio translation is as simple as voice-over for e-learning materials or audiobook translation and recording. 

Other forms of translation include audio transcription and audio translation, which occurs when the source language is audio recorded and the end delivery is a written document translation that is transcribed from the audio recording. 

Clients may, for example, request English to Arabic transcribed translation. The ultimately provided translation in this situation would be an Arabic script translation of an audio recording. 

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    Need Professional Audio Translation Services?

    The Translation Gate works with you to deliver professional, and high-quality Audio translation services for your project.

    Trusted and Professional Audio Translation Services

    If you’re looking for an international audio translation company, go no further than The Translation Gate. Our audio translators understand that it is critical to discover audio translation services that can relate to the client’s demographic and beyond. 

    Our clients give us a high rate of stars, with a 97% client satisfaction record, because we put the client first. The Translation Gate can help you extend your horizons. Our high-quality audio translation and script translation services may help you break down language barriers and expand your organization globally. Choose from over 220 languages, including Arabic, English, French, Mandarin, and others!

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    Why Our Audio Translation?

    We take audio translation, script translation, and audio transcription very seriously and constantly aim to provide the best audio translation services. Our aim, as an ISO-certified company of professional audio translators, is to ensure that your message, whether for a voice-over, dubbing, or another form of production, reaches your end user exactly as you intended. 

    Not only will our skilled online audio translators interpret your words, but also your tone, style, and personality. We also have online audio translators that are professionals and conversant with industry jargon and technical words to ensure that no word is misunderstood. Your transcription and translation will be guaranteed to be 100% correct.

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    All Kinds of Audio Translation

    For all of the main audio types and formats, The Translation Gate offers an excellent and extensive choice of audio translation services. The following are just a few of the formats in which we are particularly strong:

    1. Film audio translation services
    2. Drama audio translation services
    3. Podcast audio translation services
    4. Radio Shows audio translation services
    5. Online Video audio translation services
    6. Poetry Recordings audio translation services

    Audio Translation in Various Languages

    The Translation Gate offers audio translation services and script translation services in more than 220 languages to meet the needs of all of our clients, making us your ideal choice for multilingual audio translation services.

    Our languages include:

    Direct Transcription for Audio Translation

    Many transcription companies and audio translators use a two-stage process when providing script translation by transcribing from the source language into the target language. Before translating it into the target language, they transcribe the audio in its original tongue. 

    Working in this manner raises the transcribing and translation expenditures as well as the time necessary to finish the target language transcript. At The Translation Gate, our expert audio translators reduce the difficulty and expense associated with audio translation by transcribing directly from the audio recording into the target language, which means we just charge for transcription. 

    We also provide proofreading to guarantee the final transcript matches our high-quality standards.

    Fast and Budget-Friendly Audio Translation

    When submitting a file for audio translation to The Translation Gate, the number of speakers in the recording, the duration of the audio, and the audio quality are all key elements to consider. A complicated template may also take longer to construct than a rigorous or intelligent verbatim Word transcript. 

    Consider the position and distance of the speakers from the microphone, as well as reducing or removing background noise during the recording. A high-quality audio translation recording aids in the production of an accurate transcript. But high quality does not always mean high prices. 

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    Audio Translation for Various Accents and Industries

    The Translation Gate’s devoted teams of audio translators work on a variety of projects and subject topics as certified professionals with years of expertise in audio translation

    Our audio translators handle everything from any industry including:

    • medical audio translation services
    • market research audio translation services 
    • focus group transcription translation services 
    • corporate training seminar transcription translation services

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