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At The Translation Gate, we can provide you with Premier Video Translations in 160 Languages that will meet your demands and exceed them. Whether it is a professional business video for your website or even a YouTube video, we can offer you precisely what you need.

With over 12 years of experience in 160+ languages and thousands of satisfied and returning customers, your pleasure is 100% guaranteed.

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    Fast, Professional, and Affordable Video Translation Services in 160+ Languages

    The Translation Gate works with you to deliver professional, and high-quality multilingual video translation service for your project.

    Why The Translation Gate Video Translation Services?

    Are you a corporation, business, or individual looking for worldwide exposure for your video content? Do you need to expand your business globally to reach a wider audience speaking different languages? This is where professional video translation services are necessary, and we can help you achieve your target no matter what language.

    At The Translation Gate, we can provide you with an expert video translator that will meet and exceed your demands. Whether a professional business video for your website or even a YouTube video, we can offer you precisely what you need. With over 12 years of experience in 160+ languages and thousands of satisfied and returning customers, your pleasure is 100% guaranteed.

    Our Professional Video Translation Services include:

    In short, we are the most cost-efficient company you can ask for when it comes to video translation services. Moreover, price and quality go hand-in-hand. Our quality, accuracy, and seamless reproduction are of the highest caliber. Our fast and professional Video Translation Services include:

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    What Is Video Translation?

    Video translation includes translating the spoken content, as well as the on-screen text of any video. Once the content is transcribed and written, it is translated into the target language or several languages and then subtitles or voice-over are created to be placed onto the video.

    At The Translation Gate, we are ready to take on the task of any video or content that requires transcription, translation, subtitling, dubbing, or voiceover. No matter the kind, the field, or the language, our video translation services guarantee full satisfaction.

    Why Video Translation Services Are Imperative?

    Video translation is a crucial step for any international or global business, as your informative or marketing content needs to reach as many people as possible. An international customer is a potential long-term client. Video is proven to be the no.1 tool for capturing the attention and interest of customers and clients, and for that, video translation services are a key step.

    The Translation Gate can aid you in acquiring those customers, clients, or simply just viewers. We are aware of the needs of each business and individual, and can perfectly capture your intended video message in as many languages as you need.

    Here at The Translation Gate, we use top-notch advanced technological techniques, as well as human video translators and transcribers to provide you with the most accurate audio and video transcription and translation services possible. Our process extends beyond transcribing and translating, as our interest in the content and its intended meaning is of paramount importance. Your satisfaction in what you have created to be shown to others is our number one goal. All we need is the video provided either through uploads or a link and we can handle the rest efficiently and professionally.

    What Can We Offer You At The Translation Gate?

    Our video translation services encompass a wide range of content and video types such as:

    What Makes The Translation Gate Different Than Any Other Translation Agency?

    Our team of skillful translators understands the need for elevated levels of communication, and the specific needs catered to the target audience of each video. For example, the kind and level of language included and used in the translation of a company PSA or testimonial will be far different from a more casual style in a YouTube video or movie subtitles. These idiosyncratic differences are what make our video translators the best in the business. We guarantee perfect recreation and error-free translation of whatever video or content you need.

    In one word, we call it “perfection”. Here’s why you should hire the Translation Gate for your next video translation project:

    Video Transcription Vs Video Translation

    Not only are our native video translators important, but our transcription is an indispensable step before any work can be done. Our audio and video transcription and translation services first include transcribing the audio content. This means listening to the content and typing what was said with complete and error-free accuracy using the best transcribers and technology available.

    For the best video translation services, we believe that firstly, a good transcription will lead to a good translation, and we do not accept anything less than perfect. After our transcription process is done, our video translation process begins its journey.

    The Translation Gate’s Professional Video Subtitle Services

    Our subtitle service for videos is second to none, as we handle both open and closed captioning of videos, shows, movies, and TV in over 160 languages, with even the option of dual-language subtitling. Our team will translate and localize the spoken dialogue and add it seamlessly to the video file. We support all kinds of video such as .srt, .sub, .vtt, .sbv, .mpv, .mov, .wmv, and many more.

    We make the best use of the machine and human subtitling and reviewing to provide you with the best subtitles. For more details about our subtitle service for videos, click here.

    Unparalleled Video Translation Services At The Translation Gate

    Here at The Translation Gate, client satisfaction and retention are our guarantees. Our quality is unmatched, and we promise you error-free professional audio and video transcription and translation services that can rival any competitor in the specific field, whether it is YouTube video translation, healthcare, eLearning, or others.

    We also believe that communication with the client is a key aspect of the translation process. Through our 24/7 management, we can help you and get your input and specific instructions for any particular task. This is done through the best native translators in the field, while also making use of the necessary machine translation to create a perfect mixture and deliver the best content. Not only do we promise quality and accuracy, but also speed.


    YouTube Translation Services

    YouTube has become a major player in the media business, whether for professional or leisure purposes. Enterprises, studios, entrepreneurs, and content creators rely on YouTube to reach their global audience.

    Because YouTube is now the biggest video platform for entertainment videos, advertising, movie and TV trailers, commercials, product demonstrations, and more, our YouTube video translation services will provide you with the highest quality translation for the complete global experience.

    Just as YouTube is the leading provider of video services, The Translation Gate is your leading provider of video translation services. To know more about our YouTube video translation services.


    Our Video Translation Services In Healthcare Are Second To None

    Healthcare is another major video-dependent medium in which so much information is relayed through videos. For patients with difficulty understanding their diagnoses, or hard of hearing or deaf patients, the videos will need to be translated and subtitled for them.

    Our healthcare video services include training videos, seminars, pharmaceutical products videos, personal doctor recordings, and more. Click here for more information about our video translation services in healthcare.


    Professional E-Learning Video Translation Services For Educational Institutions

    E-Learning has become a huge focus in the past few years, especially for worldwide students. Educational facilities are using more and more videos of lectures, presentations, seminars, and more to have their educational content ready and available for as many students across the globe.

    Translating eLearning educational videos is a challenge in its own right, as the language and content are technical and there is no room for any error or inaccuracy. In that case, our expert teams of video translators are also professional linguists and academics. For our eLearning translation services, click here.

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    Video Translation Process

    Our video translation services include an intricate process in which we can produce optimal results no matter what the video is. Our process is made up of:

    Identifying the kind of video is the first step towards choosing which language style our team of translators would adopt. For instance, an educational video would have a different style in the target language than an entertainment YouTube video.

    Using the best extraction technology as well as a team of expert transcribers, we will get the highest accuracy of transcription possible before starting the translation process.

    The translation step is done by a native team of video translators and experts in over 160 languages, using the best CAT tools available. The translation is then reviewed further to ensure foolproof work.

    Based on the task at hand, the translated text is either subtitled in short lines at the bottom of the screen or recorded and added onto the video, matching the clips seamlessly. Our subtitles service for video is applicable to all video types and formats.

    Depending on how many languages you wish the video to be translated into, the subtitled or voice-recorded files will have that number of languages. Our video translation services are not limited to any set number of languages; as multilingual translation is our game. For cultural appropriateness, our team can also localize the video content to make it culturally fitting for the target audience. For example, certain proverbs or idioms in English can be localized and changed to similar proverbs and idioms in the target language(s). Your customer or audience engagement is our top priority.

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    The Translation Gate offers professional translation services in most of the world languages with the help of our certified translators’ network of professionals. With new languages added on a regular basis, The Translation Gate supports more than 3000 language pairs. Covering over 99% of the languages used around the world including English, Arabic, Hebrew, French, German and many others.




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