The Translation Gate is your best supplier who provides high-quality American to Hebrew translation and localization services (besides many other languages). We focus our effort on a large in-house staff of experienced, certified, and simply the best Hebrew translator team with subject-matter experience to ensure your worldwide expansion plan and assist you in speaking locally to reach globally.

Our translation company offers an unrivaled quality of American to Hebrew translation with rapid turnaround times and costs that break no bank by utilizing cutting-edge technology and vast Translation Memory. All why complying with industry standards.

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    Need Professional Hebrew Translation Services?

    The Translation Gate works with you to deliver professional, and high-quality Hebrew translation services for your project.

    The Most Trusted Hebrew Translation and Localization Services

    Hebrew is a highly succinct language, thus expect text growth of roughly 50% while translating from Hebrew to English. At The Translation Gate, we recognize that even if we have the best Hebrew translator team with great quality, it will not be seen unless the layout is appealing and well-organized. We don’t deal with problems we face during American to Hebrew translation phases, for example, haphazardly; we plan, solve, and apply. Our translation engineers use industry best practices when dealing with text compression/expansion issues. While on the other hand, and besides our team of the best Hebrew translators, our DTP specialists take control over the translated text and do their magic to export the best layout possible.

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    Professional American to Hebrew Translation For Each And Every Business Need

    If you’re looking for professional American to Hebrew translation services, then, The Translation Gate is your best Hebrew translator partner as we do have expert Hebrew translators for nearly every kind of job. What makes us different is that we know that no two customers are identical, that’s why we make sure we present a wide range of Hebrew translation services that adapt to the ever-changing needs of all contemporary businesses.

    According to Google, there are thousands of people who daily search the term “Hebrew translator with voice”, and you actually might be one of them! This means that American to Hebrew translation, for instance, and interpretation services are highly required nowadays due to their rising significance in global industries, especially translation services from Hebrew to English and vice versa. So, if you’re currently hunting for a professional and simply the best Hebrew translator, look no further than the Translation Gate Agency for your next Hebrew translation project.

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    All About The Hebrew Language

    The Hebrew language, especially Modern Hebrew, is the only official language of the state of Israel. It is considered one of the very ancient languages and it belongs to the Semitic language family, along with Arabic and Aramaic.

    The term Hebrew comes from the word “Ibri” which is one name for the Jewish people. Even though the Hebrew language was basically a dead language 2000 years ago, the Hebrew language was revived almost 150 years ago by the Zionist movement and resumed flourishing after the Jews settled and established the state of Israel in 1948.

    Organizations and corporates around the world that run business in Israel are very likely to require reliable and prompt American to Hebrew translation services from Hebrew to English and vice versa.  So, if you’re a business that aims to expand in the Israeli region, you might need to consider Hebrew language translation services as a major step in your business expansion strategy.


    While we are not the only company that delivers American to Hebrew translation services or any other language, we are especially distinguished in the market due to our commitment to great value, stringent quality, and fast turnarounds.

    We have several teams working in diverse time zones to cater to the needs of our clients and master every single market niche. Our Hebrew language translation services include but are not limited to:

    Facts About The Hebrew Language That You Didn't Know

    • Hebrew is spoken by around 9 million speakers, both in Israel state and in the Diaspora around the world.
    • Hebrew has several dialects including Yemenite, Mizrahi, Sephardi, and Ashkenazi. Rest assured that all our best Hebrew translator team members are natives who effortlessly master these dialects.
    • Hebrew is a very concise language that’s why our experienced translators try to be precise as possible because it’s normal to get a text expansion of about 50% when hiring American to Hebrew translation services.

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    The Best Hebrew Translator For Speedy, Precise, And Quality Hebrew Translation Services Every Time!

    As one of the largest and best Hebrew translator agencies worldwide, many international businesses trust us with their Hebrew translation projects as we offer them premium-quality Hebrew translation and localization services, counting on a gigantic in-house and freelancing team of experienced, certified, native speakers with subject-matter expertise.

    Our team of Hebrew translators is always there to support your global growth strategy and help you become global-ready. Regardless of the size and the scope of your project, our translation team always pledges reliable, high-end, and error-free American to Hebrew translation services with the fastest turnaround time and budget-friendly rates.

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    Why The Translation Gate Is The Best Hebrew Translator?

    No more need to type “Hebrew translator with voice” in the search bar because we have got you covered since our team includes the best Hebrew translators and interpreters, who have top-tier knowledge about the Hebrew language.

    In addition to that, our project managers who fully utilize all the elements of our success, allow you to effectively communicate with your clients to achieve an in-depth understanding of each project’s target audience and market objectives, oversee our thorough quality assurance methodologies, and above all, hold the passion for assisting and supporting clients cross-cultural and linguistic barriers.

    This is because, at The Translation Gate, we are always keen on catering to our client’s distinctive demands and requests and discussing the most cost-effective procedures to be sure that their money and time are never misplaced when it comes to the Hebrew language translation.

    Order Professional Hebrew Translations and Engage Israeli Customers with the Best Hebrew Translations

    The Translation Gate works with you to deliver professional, and high-quality Hebrew translation services for your project.

    Choose The Best, Choose The Translation Gate!

    Are you wondering what makes The Translation Gate different than any other American to Hebrew translation agency? These are the reasons behind our notable reputation:

    For each Hebrew language translation project, a personal project manager is assigned to comprehend all our clients’ needs and make sure we supply our clients with top-notch  Hebrew language translation that is unmatched and couldn’t be found anywhere else.

    We are glad to provide our customers with exceptional American to Hebrew translation and localization services at the most competitive rates in the industry. By utilizing high-tech translation tools, up-to-date style guides, and terminology glossaries, we are able to offer our clients budget-friendly rates for A+ quality translations from and to the Hebrew languages.

    At the Translation Gate, we have created the best Hebrew translator team to support your translation needs. All our native Hebrew translators are well-trained and have proven expertise in their niche areas. They are also equipped linguistically and technically to carry out the translation processes in a variety of sectors, such as finance, life sciences, medical, legal, marketing, audiovisual, and many more!

    At The Translation Gate, we pride ourselves on providing you with outstanding Hebrew translation and localization services with the most speedy turnarounds in the market with 24/7 availability. We optimize the entire translation and localization process through the implementation of innovative technology and techniques, such as Translation Memory (TM) tools, delivering an outstanding harmony between the highest quality and fast turnarounds.

    All our Hebrew language translation and localization services adhere to the ISO 9001:2015 standards for quality assurance and management systems, the ISO 17100:2015 standard for the best Hebrew translator services, and the SAE J2450 translation quality metric for optimal language and industry-specific results. This means that our Hebrew translators rigorously follow global procedures and standards to ensure the delivery of an accurate and compatible Hebrew translation.

    Being able to deliver high-quality translations at the best prices within deadlines, we proudly have achieved a 99% client satisfaction rate in the Israeli market. Our mother-tongue professional best Hebrew translator and interpreters also guarantee that all cultural nuances are respected when conducting any translations or interpreting.

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    If you need American to Hebrew translation or Hebrew-English translation services or any other language pair, feel free to contact us. We guarantee to provide you with the best Hebrew translation services worldwide at super competitive prices and in the quickest time possible! You’re only a click away to get started on your Hebrew Translation project. Tap here to get a free quote.

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