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eLearning Translation services

Localize your eLearning content to connect with users worldwide

If you are looking for eLearning services, The Translation Gate is your ideal choice.

The Translation Gate promises to offer you the best eLearning translation service ever. Our certified translators are professional in transferring any learning content from one language to 160 languages and more. 

eLearning Translation Services & Training
eLearning Translation Services & Training

Are you looking to be one of the best online course providers in the world?

We can help you reach more and more users worldwide by our offered eLearning translation services for courses content. We are experts in translation and localization services for more than 12 years. We offer all translation solutions and voice-over translation services from one language to another for online courses.


Remember, everyone learns best in their language. So It’s time to accelerate your business.

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Our eLearning Translation Services include:

The Translation Gate is providing high-quality human translation through eLearning translation services in compliance with 1500 language combinations. 

We Offer eLearning Translation Solutions You Probably Have to Consider

We are using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to extract text from books, old documents, scanned images, screenshots into content for eLearning Websites, LMS, mobile apps, pdf… etc. Then our certified translators are ready to translate your content. It takes many revisions to ensure your translation is ready to be published, and also we offer extra proofreading to check the language flow and relevant dialect fluency (TEP); our native translators are all trained to working in compliance with the ISO standards for quality management and translation for optimal language and perfect results. 

Why The Translation Gate?

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