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The Translation Gate assigns specialized Interpretation professionals for all your events in order to meet all your requirements!

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    Interpretation services are means of communication that facilitate many business needs and that cross language barriers.


    Consecutive Interpretation

    One of the most popular interpreting services is consecutive interpreting, a crucial component of international business conferences, business negotiations, press conferences, academic seminars, and court trials.

    Consecutive interpreting provides the important personal aspect that aids in creating business relationships in a globalized market.

    Translation and interpretation is our playground. As such, we offer consecutive interpreting services in over 1,500 combinations. Our team of expert linguists helps you mediate communication with professionalism, accuracy, and regard to the local decorum of the target country.

    Simultaneous Interpretation

    The second type of interpretation services is simultaneous interpretation. Known as U.N. style interpretation, simultaneous interpretation is commonly used at large conferences, international conferences, business summits, and board meetings.

    Simultaneous interpretation is more complicated than consecutive interpretation, as it requires translation and interpretation in real time.

    It requires the translator to sit in an isolated booth and translate between two or more languages. Then, the target language is spoken by the simultaneous interpreter, broadcasting the original message to the audience members’ headsets.

    This service requires trained interpreters and specialized equipment. Choosing a trusted interpretation agency is a must.

    Interpretation services are be provided by The Translation Gate. Our company has positioned itself as one of the leading simultaneous language interpretation companies in Egypt and the MENA region and in offices worldwide, offering simultaneous interpretation services in over 150 different languages in various industries and local specialties.

    We match simultaneous interpretation professionals to your project based on their native language and past experience in the relevant field.


    Conference Services

    There is a wide variety in the types of services offered by translation and interpretation companies based on the type of event and type of business. Various interpretation services are offered as well.

    The Translation Gate, as one of the leading interpretation companies, is committed to give you the best language interpretation experience. We tailor our comprehensive conference interpretation package to your every need.

    Partnering with an interpretation agency like The Translation Gate gives you access to a wide variety of conference services in addition to on-site interpretation, such as assisted listening for the hearing-impaired, interpretation equipment rental, audio and video transcription, as well as in-house event coordination. We will supply you with all conference services needed to make any event a great success.

    Each meeting is assigned to a specialty event manager within The Translation Gate, acting as an extension of your team, and ensuring that you are provided with top-quality conference services. Our top priority is that your meetings run smoothly and accomplish their objectives.

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    The Translation Gate assigns specialized Interpretation professionals for all your events in order to meet all your requirements

    Over-The-Phone Interpretation

    As one of the leading over-the-phone (OPI) interpretation companies in Egypt and the MENA region and worldwide, The Translation Gate offers over-the-phone (OPI) services in over 150 languages and 1,500 language combinations with accuracy, efficiency, and confidentiality.

    Our language interpretation professionals assist with more than just telephone translation services. An over-the-phone interpretation agency should coordinate your project based on their expertise in the field and subject, and our over-the-phone interpreting experts specialize in your specific market’s culture. They are trained to handle sensitive situations with complete confidentiality. We guarantee that your business will profit from our over-the-phone services.


    Video Remote Interpretation

    Probably the most unique of all our interpreting services, video remote interpreting (VRI) is used in a variety of day-to-day settings by a wide variety of people who find themselves in a situation where they need unconventional language interpreting services.

    Partnering with The Translation Gate for your video remote interpretation (VRI) project empowers your business with around-the-clock access to qualified language interpreters that support you with voice, voice combined with video conference, and group collaboration sessions in over 1,500 language combinations. VRI thus is available if necessary.

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