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Leading businesses worldwide in the engineering, medical, financial, technological, legal, automotive, and manufacturing sectors rely on The Translation Gate for document translation services that are linguistically proficient, technically accurate, and culturally sensitive. We assist businesses in converting their document translation expenditures into tactical investments for swift worldwide expansion in more than 160 languages.

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    Localization has become a more complex challenge for any business that needs to expand globally, as today’s target customers want more than mere information and they require content localization to help their message come across in a more effective manner. 

    They want to tell their story to global markets. A story that is relevant and relatable in every language, every culture, every market, and every sector. Content localization relays a story that is relevant and relatable in every language, culture, market, and sector.

    At The Translation Gate, we understand your need to have your message deeply understood and perfectly delivered to your target market while meeting all of the characteristics of your targeted customers. As we followed our passion for offering certified language translation services throughout Africa, Europe, Asia, and the US, we came across a winning formula for content localization that is true in every market. At the heart of every successful translation lies the seed of human connection. It is not just a matter of content translation, but rather of vibrant content that breaks through the noise and resonates with a new brand of cosmopolitan customers; those who are hyper-intelligent, highly informed, and constantly attentive to the meaning behind your message.

    In today’s world, content relevance is the key trigger behind successful content localization. Our highly-qualified team of native linguists has perfected the art of brand storytelling in over 160 languages, expertly mediated communication in more than 1,500 language combinations, and delivered instant revenue to over 3,000 satisfied customers worldwide through not only translation services but also content localization. That is how we did it.

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    Our Translation Process

    Best Translation Services

    Adapting to the changing needs of our customers across industry sectors needing translation services, all of our language translation services are marked by our core value tenets: accuracy, expediency, and accountability. This is regardless of the need for translation services for documents or content localization.

    Whether your business needs a quick translation (T), additional round of thorough editing to ensure your translation is ready to be published (TE) or an extra step of proofreading to check the language flow and relevant dialect fluency (TEP); our native network of in-house and in-country linguists at The Translation Gate are industry-specific and trained to assist with your translation needs providing high-quality human translations using the most state-of-the-art technologies and software for your translation services for documents to assure the high quality of your translated materials.

    Where most content translation service providers settle for a three-step method of translation, editing, and proofreading, The Translation Gate goes the extra mile. In each of the aforementioned combinations for translation services, The Translation Gate adds a step for content quality assurance.

    Measuring every project deliverable against the Lean Six Sigma method, our translation services are also certified by the ISO 9001:2015 standard for Quality Management Systems, the ISO 17100:2015 standard for translation Services and the SAE J2450 Translation Quality Metric for optimal language and industry-specific results.

    Throughout the company’s history, the Translation Services provided by The Translation Gate have shown an unmatched commitment to quality and separating itself from competitors to be a market leader in the MENA region and worldwide through our offices.

    Why The Translation Gate’s quality is best-in-class

    The Philosophy of 4 is the industry’s gold standard for absolute reliability and quality.

    Each individual in our process picks up on different aspects and nuances of the text, guaranteeing outstanding output and customer experience.

    1. Expert Translator
    2. Expert Editor
    3. Expert Translation Cross-Checker
    4. In-country Review Powered by The Translation Gate.

    Anyone who has ever needed translation services for their business knows that the time and budget can make it necessary to compromise on the quality of content localization. They brace themselves for the projected market loss before they even commission a local company to oversee their translation services, settling for the next-best thing but knowing that significant parts of their story will be lost in translation and their business will suffer the consequences.

    We work differently. Partnering with thousands of professional linguists and passionate polyglots around the globe, all of our translators have one thing in common; they share a sense of responsibility toward the written word. They understand the importance of content localization and they know what works in today’s market and how to deliver the content localized in their native languages for the target audience in their respective target markets.

    At The Translation Gate, we believe that providing top-notch content localization and translation services to ambitious individuals, thriving small and medium sized businesses, and global industries mean more than just choosing the right word and regurgitating messages. It requires insight with respect to context and marketing. Our aim is not to simply offer translation services, but rather to offer the preservation of context through the subtleties of language and dialect while maintaining market share takes craft, expertise, and flare. Our translators aren’t just native speakers of the target languages. They are highly educated, qualified language professionals who, with their subject expertise, are specifically matched to your project. To ensure that our translation services are the best on the market, our translators prove themselves by taking a variety of linguistic and subject-specific tests before qualifying for your project. Only those who’ve demonstrated an excellent translation track record in a field of specialty relevant to your project and market will be assigned.

    Just as our in-house and in-country translation teams learn more and more about your business needs through their work on your projects, our computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools help us to maintain content translation consistency throughout your multi-channel deliverables, proving their value with every project. Translation services for documents are completed with ease and assurance of uniformity throughout.

    Harnessing the power of computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, our translation services are improved with previously translated content that has been stored in our translation memory (TM) database, where the TM helps organizations cut costs and timelines while improving the overall translation consistency.

    With the help of CAT tools, we offer services that are consistent and search-engine friendly, allowing us to automate the quality assurance process across the board and produce standardized output that is dependable and 100% accurate.

    Our CAT Tools Benefits

    1. Linguistic Asset Development
    2. Content and Style Consistency
    3. Personal Translation Memory
    4. Cost and Time-Efficient

    Translation Tools

    • Trados 2007
    • SDL Trados Studio 2009
    • SDL Trados Studio 2011
    • SDL Trados Studio 2014
    • SDL Trados Studio 2015
    • SDL Trados Studio 2017
    • SDL Trados Studio 2019
    • SDL Trados Studio 2021
    • SDL Passolo 2011
    • SDL Passolo 2015
    • SDL Passolo 2016
    • SDL Passolo 2018
    • Word fast Pro v3.4.2
    • Alchemy Catalyst 9
    • Across 5.7 [No server, only translator version]
    • Across 6 [No server, only translator version]
    • Across 6.3 [No server, only translator version]
    • Across 7 [No server, only translator version]
    • Nokia NTR tool [NokiaS40TDO2013.33.1]
    • MemQ 7.8.3 [No server, only translator version]
    • MemQ 9.1 [No server, only translator version]
    • Transit NXT
    • Loc Studio V6.12
    • Idiom
    • Translation Workspace
    • Memsource 5.187
    • QT Linguist 4.6.0

    and others.

    As the Localization business and the need for translation services for documents have grown, so have your needs. With those needs has come the development of automated workflow. The Translation Gate automates and manages your content by implementing a native Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, and our respective translation and operation teams can easily coordinate and track uncompleted translation tasks. The project director and review director can check the status updates and regulate the workflow according to your updated project requirements.

    Our Translation Machine optimizes our content translation services using smart MT engines; troubleshooting the standard complexities of content localization through content edits and translation post-edits.

    Benefits of using a Translation Management System

    1. Improve collaboration
    2. Scale quickly and lower localization costs
    3. Ensure translation quality
    4. Boost productivity

    12 years of Success

    Why over 10,000 companies choose The Translation Gate?

    Adapting to the changing needs of our customers across industry sectors needing translation services, all of our language translation services are marked by our core value tenets: accuracy, expediency, and accountability. This is regardless of the need for translation services for documents or content localization.

    For a decade, globalization and localization have altered the very fabric of our global business landscape, thereby making translation services an integral part of a globalized company; elevating the standards of content localization well beyond professional term selection and timely trend integration. 


    Our Languages

    Experts in Over 160 Languages

    The Translation Gate offers professional translation services in most of the world languages with the help of our certified translators’ network of professionals. With new languages added on a regular basis, The Translation Gate supports more than 1500 language pairs. Covering over 99% of the languages used around the world including English, Arabic, Hebrew, French, German and many others.




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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Choose a Translation Partner That Helps You Reach The Global Market.


    Translation cost is based on a per word rate, which in turn varies depending on the source and target language used. The cost also depends on what other services are required, such as formatting, number of pages, and more.

    A certified translation is one that is accompanied by a signed declaration by a language service provider (LSP) as a confirmation on the accuracy of the translation. The qualifications of the translator are also included. Legal translations, including those of birth certificates, death certificates, commercial contracts, and other legal documents, frequently in need for a certified translation.

    A certified translation document is a signed piece of paper that comes with the translation of the actual document. The certification can be attached electronically or in hard copy form.

    A translation memory (TM) is a database that holds both the translated content and the source content. A TM reduces costs while preserving consistency and quality and shortening time to market by incorporating pre-translated word segments into projects. Any sort of content, including technical, software, and website translations, can benefit from using a TM.