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Back translation services are used to provide extra quality assurance for the most delicate materials. 

The Importance of Back Translation

The Translation Gate uses back translation services to ensure that the translated documents give the same significance as the original content, especially in medical translation, legal translation, business translation, and any other sensitive translation.

Back translation is the second step after translating a document from the original language to the required one without referencing the original text.

For example, if you need a back translation service for a medical document from Chinese to English. We first have to translate the Chinese text into English and then back translate the English translation into Chinese using two different teams from our native Chinese translators. Then we compare the source document and the back-translated English version. All of that to ensure that we had made the English translation delivered in the most accurate version.

Only professional back translators in our company can do such a challenge!

The Translation Gate’s native translators can do it with high perfection!

Professional Back Translation Services

in more than 1500 Language Combinations

The Translation Gate offer more than 160+ language including Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Swedish, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian. 

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