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Back translation services are used to provide extra quality assurance for the most delicate materials in more than 160 languages.

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    What is a Back Translation?

    You can check the quality and correctness of translations by comparing them to the original text using a back translation. Back translations aid in determining whether the target and source texts’ meanings are equivalent.

    Back translation is the process of having a different independent translator interpret a document or file into the original language without having access to or knowledge of the original text.

    A reverse translation will never be 100% accurate to the source material due to the nature of language, but it can help to spot any uncertainty, ambiguities, or mistakes that may result from linguistic nuances.

    To produce an accurate representation of the precise meaning of the translation in the target language, back translations are frequently conducted as literally as feasible. Some back translations may so appear fake or strangely constructed. However, it is unclear whether the problem is with the forward translation or the back translation if there are significant semantic differences between the source and the back translation. You could choose to reconcile at this moment.

    The Translation Gate can provide professional Back Translation in more than one industry

    The Importance of Back Translation

    The Translation Gate uses back translation services to ensure that the translated documents give the same significance as the original content, especially in medical translation, legal translation, business translation, and any other sensitive translation.

    Back translation is the second step after translating a document from the original language to the required one without referencing the original text.

    For example, if you need a back translation service for a medical document from Chinese to English. We first have to translate the Chinese text into English and then back translate the English translation into Chinese using two different teams from our native Chinese translators. Then we compare the source document and the back-translated English version. All of that to ensure that we had made the English translation delivered in the most accurate version.

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    Our 12 years of experience have given us the top back translators in the business, with adequate expertise and in-depth knowledge to undertake any project without worry. This has enabled us to serve a huge number of our global clients including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Pfizer, and more.

    We proudly deliver professional back translation and reconciliation services that you can trust. 




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