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Software Localization

Software localization projects can be complicated and overwhelming just like other forms of technology can be as well.


Software Localization Process

Software localization is the process of adapting software to the linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements of end user’s location. It includes standards of measurement, video and graphic design, and other forms of content development.

With skilled software localization services, the final content development will function as though it were originally designed in the user’s own country. This seamless transition is essential to software localization.

Traditional translation is typically an activity performed after the source document has been finalized. Specific software and technology are used. Software localization projects often run in parallel with the development of the source product to enable simultaneous shipment of all language versions.

The Translation Gate is one of the leading software localization companies and offers the best localization software process, including initial consultation, localization, and functional testing.

Our process ensures the best localization software outcome, guaranteeing that standalone and embedded software is linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate.

Whether we are creating a build environment, resizing boxes, fixing bugs, managing version control, writing test scripts, testing, or taking screen shots, The Translation Gate’s engineers and content development professionals combine the industry’s most advanced technological knowledge with focus on the client.

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Post Localization Testingand Quality Assurance

Our testing solutions ensure that your software, websites, and multimedia will perform systematically across languages, operating systems, browsers, channels, and devices. They can help you avoid costly delays and potentially damaging flaws that could have been prevented with proper testing.

Our testing solutions include software, apps, and games on different platforms using all required scenarios

By testing your software in its native context and conducting content management, we detect the type of errors that degrade user experience and result in bad performance. Some common issues that may be faced are:

Post Localization Testingand Quality Assurance

Committed to the success and total integration of your software localization project, our team of engineers, expert linguists, and content management professionals also support you with native post-localization testing and language error detection. We employ content management and ensure that your product performs consistently and seamlessly across all languages, operating systems, browsers, and devices.

Testing Process

Starting with a project analysis, our experienced team takes the knowledge of your deliverables and goals into consideration when creating the testing plan and defines the test cases, setting up test environments and bug workflow plans. An ideal QA team is then chosen and trained to conduct testing, maintain accurate documentation, and create translation memories throughout the project.

Choosing The Translation Gate for your software localization services and testing project safeguards your software experience with our eight-step testing process.

The Translation Gate is one of the best software localization companies and software internationalization companies in Egypt and the MENA region and worldwide.

We create a secure, cost-effective network to smoothly deliver testing capabilities. Full-time test leads have access to more than 300 experienced linguistic and functional testers in more than 30 languages.



The Translation Gate has, since its inception, offered translation, AutoCAD and software localization services. The process begins with the extraction of text from the source file. Then we use design mirroring to replicate the original file format in the target language to maintain the overall experience upon project delivery.

Choosing The Translation Gate for your Auto-CAD localization project gives you access to:

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The Translation Gate assigns specialized Auto-CAD professionals to meet all your requirements

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