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A new era where artificial intelligence services are becoming a must.


Artificial Intelligence Services Power

In an era where data is the source of power, where every aspect in our life is connected and related to a huge sets of information that can reach to millions of data inputs in just one matter, such information and data became massive to the extent where normal human processing became irrelevant and literary an impossible practice, so, the need for artificial intelligence companies and artificial intelligence services based on mathematical algorithms emerged where human capabilities would be imitated and undertaken by a software inexpensively, at super speeds and at massive scale to provide highly accurate predicted results for millions of problems, cases analysis, situation simulations and a lot more.

AI and artificial intelligence services companies are becoming a must and can be easily applied to every sector to enable new possibilities and efficiencies.

With many Types of artificial intelligence services such as Machine Learning, Image labelling, Voice recognition, NLP (Natural Language Processing), Audio & Visual Machine processing, Mathematical Algorithms processing, Multilingual supported Simulations and Scenario Predictions allowing decision makers to view the outcomes of their options in any designated language, AI and artificial intelligence agencies mainly rely on five pillars, Knowledge, Reasoning, Planning, Communication, Perception.

The Translation Gate takes the pride to be one of the leader among all the artificial intelligence companies in supporting the artificial intelligence services industry with extensive knowledge of localization and development of both input and outputs of AI materials, moreover we are fully supporting the AI industry, starting from supporting the data gathering, contribution in AI building process, AI machine learning and testing, AI outcome Evaluations and corrections.

Where there are two main two types of machine learning Neural Machine learning (NMT) or Statistical Machine learning, Over the last ten years our teams in one of the most trusted artificial intelligence services companies gained a deep understanding of the artificial intelligence services industry, and our support start from the management and localization of Datasets, Image Labelling, and completely support the translation and localization of High-quality labeled training datasets for supervised and semi-supervised machine learning algorithms.

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The Translation Gate with its profound experience as artificial intelligence services company covers all of the following services


Machine Translations Services

At the Translation Gate which is one of the main artificial intelligence companies , all our translators are natives, humans, and are enabled by our artificial intelligence services, giving you the quality of human translation with the industry’s highest levels of speed and efficiency, and we are also providing pure machine translations using multiple MT engines, and multiple AI translation software, our artificial intelligence services are built to utilize both AI-based Neural Machine Translation (NMT) engines as well as Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) engines.

Each one of those engines is built to represent a single language pair and its direction (ex: English > Arabic), as one of the most trusted artificial intelligence agencies our translation engines are tested for accuracy and for comprehension across sets of millions of words before release.

Machine translation (statistical or neural) is the most appropriate translation solution to derive the general meaning from a large volume of text and content such as for legal documents translation, and technical documents translation where the content needs to be sorted and categorized by subject and relevance. This is the process that most of the artificial intelligence agencies apply. After the completion of a first MT processing phase, more precise translation processes and subject matter focus can then be applied to a smaller set of the localized content.

Knowing that at a basic level, MT which is the main outcome of artificial intelligence services is built on algorithms that are used to substitute words in one language for those in another language, or we can understand MT as the process of decoding the source language and then recording its meaning to be reflected in the target language.

In many cases that proven insufficient to be translated successfully, especially for high context cultures and languages, and for those materials that requires more than just translation of text meaning and needs creative or context understanding to be understood when reflected in the target language. A professional translation and artificial intelligence company must pay the highest level of attention to the quality of translation.

In fact, the deep understanding of whole text, phrases, words is necessary for both source and target languages and this is a must performed task by any artificial intelligence services companies.

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The Translation Gate Machine Translation Services

The Translation Gate is a premier managed services localization, translation and artificial intelligence company. Within our Highly advanced and powerful artificial intelligence services and Translation solutions, we in one of the most trusted artificial intelligence agencies proudly offer access to professional human translations via 10,000+ certified translators, and giving you the liberty to choose among 6 quality levels, These levels include:

Using either:  Neural Machine Translation (NMT) or Statistical Machine Translation (SMT)


Human translators are selected from our worldwide network of 10,000 certified translators. All are in country, native speakers of their target language and are highly experienced in their assigned subject matters, while more than 75% of our translators have advanced degrees, using state to the art technologies, CAT tools & QA tools. Whether you need human translation or machine translation with the best translation, localization and artificial intelligence services companies all your needs will be guaranteed.


With artificial intelligence service, AI Translation, Localization and Management Solutions by The Translation Gate which is one of the most trusted artificial intelligence services company you get a secure machine translation backed by a strict quality processes. Your organization’s data will always be secured and have confidence knowing that your translation content materials and sensitive data are always kept confidential at all times. The Translation Gate with its profound experience as artificial intelligence company practices are fully complying to the ISO certifications for quality and data security.

Be with one of the best artificial intelligence agencies and guarantee that all your work will be perfectly performed.

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