Games Localization

It’s time to adapt your game to the language and culture of your target international audience.

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    Game Localization is experiencing growing demand all over the world.

    The gaming industry is flourishing with enormous developments leading to growing demand for game localization services and games localization companies all over the world.

    It’s time to adapt your game to the language and culture of your target international audience.

    Games Localization

    Have you ever wondered how games localization services works?

    As one of the main games localization companies, we have the answer. Games localization services include the adaptation of all your game components. They also include details like scripts, soundtracks and graphics to fit the target culture perfectly.

    The Translation Gate is one of the leaders of games localization and related services to it.

    We have more than 12 years of experience in games localization and translation. This includes computer games, online games, console games as well as mobile games. We offer a spectrum of high-quality language services for games localization such as translation, graphics localization, cultural adaptation, transcreation, voice over and game QA testing.

    We will provide your users with an extraordinary gameplaying experience in their language

    Get the best video game translation Services! Game translation, scripts translation, voice-over and user interfaces, we localize the media and other types of text you need, including:

    Looking for Games Localization company?

    The Translation Gate assigns specialized games localization professionals to meet all your requirements

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    Experts in Over 160 Languages

    The Translation Gate covers 1500 language pairs, covering over 95% of the languages used by Internet users around the world. We will help you to expand into Arabic speaking countries with accurate Arabic to English translation, we also translate Spanish to Arabic as well as translate Arabic to Spanish and translate from Arabic to French. We support more than 160 languages.