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Our Terminology Management and technology translation services providers will adapt to your needs.


Translation Management Technology

The Translation Gate, a main translation management technology company, knows how to automate content.

With our technology team and with the use of terminology management, we can manage your content regardless of the language pair or file extension. Our content management system is a part of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Translation and operations teams easily coordinate and track translation tasks through terminology management. As a result, project directors and review directors can check status updates and regulate how the workflow functions conforming to your requirements.

Additionally, we employ an AI setup to support customers’ requirements and technology translation services. Our translation machine optimizes translation services, using smart machine translation engines. It also will help troubleshoot the complexities involved in content localization through terminology management, content edits, and other types of edits.

With the help of our team of a professional translation management technology company, you will access millions of terminology databases in many languages, carrying your translations to the highest standards. Access to such databases will also reduce the time creating your own translation management technology base.

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The Translation Gate’s Technology

As localization is part of the Information Technology industry, our company aspires to do more. We are not only a localization provider or translation management technology company who uses the common tools and technology, but also we are leaders in terminology management and technology translation services. We believe our customers deserve more, and this extra value is added by our teams around the clock.

To exceed customer expectations, we created a technology team specializing in technology translation service. We established it a few years ago. Our team gives us a competitive edge over other localization providers and translation management technology companies. We support different industries, business sizes, and customer needs. We provide the highest quality work, fast turnaround times, customized managed services, and localization solutions. Thus, we are very skilled in terminology management and translation management technology.

Our translation management technology team is made up of programmers and business analysts who support and integrate with our customers’ teams.

Regardless of the technology or software you are using, our Terminology Management and technology translation services providers will adapt to your needs.

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Website Localization

We live in a cosmopolitan society. It is a new, dynamic world in which most people are connected and informed. Localization services, key to the translation industry, require much more attention to detail than merely following the trending keywords.

Websites are the backbone of your business and online brand identity. As a result, they deserve accurate and professional localization. Thousands of translation and translation management technology companies exist, offering you website translation services. But you need to know precisely what you are looking for. For that reason, our teams are experts in website localization.

Website localization is not as simple as embedding keywords that exist within the target location’s lexicon. Rather, it involves thoroughly transforming the appearance and functionality of the website, reengineering the backend, and providing SEO translation services so that your website will be at the top of search results on foreign search engines.

Without proper website localization involving the help of a professional translation management technology company, your website will not reach your target audience.

The Translation Gate will take care of everything including translation of databases, buttons, error messages. We provide user interface localization engineering, translation management technology, and we also offer coding updates to support new languages. We work with RTLs (Right to Left Languages) and CJK (Chinese/Japanese/Korean). When you choose us, we will handle website localization, web content, and SEO services in a professional way.

Nowadays, website localization services not only involve appropriate local keywords but also reach into the heart of a brand. To create a meaningful connection, brands have to go the extra mile with website localization. This will assure that they are culturally appropriate and relevant.

As a provider of services in 1,500 language combinations in most industries, The Translation Gate is a leading website localization company worldwide.

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CMS (Content Management System) Integration

Why are multilingual content management and translation management technology essential for your brand?

We understand the time and effort involved in creating your brand. When you go global, you should not risk your brand’s integrity. Thus, you should not use a poor-quality translation. When you apply multilingual content management, this will ensure you have a unified brand message over all content and the intended target languages. The multilingual content management has complete Unicode support. The CMS modifies and manipulates content in any language with precision while also supporting the characters of every language.

Our CMS is a software tool developed by our technology team, one of the leading translation management technology companies, using AI and API (Application Programming Interface) technologies, integrating the customer CMS together with our CMS. The CMS is built to easily push and pull web content automatically through API integration. All of this is achieved without having to import and export source and translated content.

As a result, this will save you time and will also eliminate manual handoffs for localization.

The Translation Gate is happy to handle the whole process. We support major CMS integration solutions in the market such as:

WordPress  |  Joomla  |  Drupal  |  Magento  |  Squarespace  |  Wix  |  And more…

Our highly qualified project managers at the The Translation Gate, our API and CMS integration solutions, and our technology translation services will help serve your business.

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Machine Translation and Technology Translation Services

AI represents a new era in translation management technologies. It is well known that the localization industry is a part of the IT sector, in which machine and human translation combine to provide the best outcome for customers.

Companies, businesses, and organizations are often required to produce an immense amount of translated data on short notice. Late delivery on translated documents can mean losing millions of dollars in revenue, losing a license to operate in a particular area, or missing the deadline on an audit or a research grant application.

For time-restricted translation services, quick turnarounds have been enabled by machine translation and other technology translation services.

Optimizing productivity and allocating resources properly on large-scale translation projects necessitate translation management technologies. Thus, machine translation can provide multilingual support to produce a workable draft, helping time challenges with industry-specific language assets and involving standard field terminologies.

Content produced by machine translation is checked for coherence and quality, and it is measured with automated, human-generated, and hybrid metrics.

Once a draft produced by machine translation is ready, our qualified team of post-editors at The Translation Gate, one of the leading translation management technology companies; give the document the essential human touch. This will transform large-scale machine translations into powerful documents, combining content localization and focusing in on the precision of language.

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App Localization

Mobile app localization is essential for success in foreign markets. This is true for both iOS and Android.

Numbers of global mobile users have been rising since the introduction of smartphones. More and more users prefer mobile to PC for their primary internet gadget. Resultingly, mobile site localization is not a luxury, but rather a necessity.

When multiple languages are involved on a website, issues are complex, considering the impact of typography, fonts, and text flow within a limited space. This is where the need for App localization comes into play.

Our in-house translation and localization industry experts work in over 150 languages and regional dialects. Our experience at the Translation Gate, a leading translation management technology company, will help us partner with you on your mobile site localization, using a process-oriented methodology and the newest in technology translation services. They carry out App localization, concurrently optimizing your mobile content for speed and efficiency at all stages of your product’s development.

Employing standard iterations and version updates, The Translation Gate is a leading translation management technology company that continues to make strides in mobile site localization services in the global marketplace.

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Translator Tools

Translator tools are some of the main components in translation management technology

Because our in-house and in-country translation teams learn more and more about your business needs by working on your projects, our technology translation services include computer-assisted translation tools (CAT tools) to help us maintain consistency within multiple channels of deliverables, thereby demonstrating their value with every project.

Within CAT tools, our technology translation services continually improve with previously translated content that has been stored in our translation memory (TM) database. TM helps organizations cut down on costs and meet deadlines, improving overall translation consistency.

Translation tools that we work with

With CAT tools, The Translation Gate offers translation management technology services that are consistent and search-engine friendly. This will allow us to ensure quality across the board and produce standardized output.

At The Translation Gate, one of the best translation management technology companies, we even customize CAT tools to our customers’ specifications to provide all that is necessary in technology translation services.

Terminology Management

Terminology management is used to maintain a company’s corporate wording. It is a process of identifying and collecting specific terms in glossaries for every employee to access correct terminology specific to your content, i.e., industry-specific terms and concepts.

Terminology management is a comprehensive tool. With a strong terminology management partner and translation management technology company like The Translation Gate, you can expect multiple benefits, including improved information quality and readability. Your documents will always be written and translated using consistent terminology for a given word or concept.


an overview of our typical terminology management services

If your business is considering starting a terminology project, or if you want to add structure to your existing terminology, The Translation Gate, with its experience in translation management technology is happy to help.

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