Clinical Research Translation Services

Let your pharmacological studies and scientific research go global through our medical translation services!

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    The Translation Gate has been offering global clinical research translation services besides medical translation services for over 12 years supporting public and private organizations in the medical sector. We offer error-free medical translation services for clinical reports, pharmacological studies and scientific research translation, in more than 160 languages including English to Arabic translation, Arabic to English translation, Chinese, French, Italian translation and more.

    Clinical Research Translation Services
    Clinical Research Translation Services

    Clinical Document Translation must be accurate and Culturally Sensitive

    Clinical trials have complex and many stages with different document types, characteristics with very sensitive and tight deadlines. That’s why the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and global CROs choose The Translation Gate in order to deliver the best quality through reliable clinical document translation & linguistic validation services.

    Due to the rush in the clinical trials document translation and the shifting timelines, our procedures are always flexible so we can deliver the translated files on time with most cost-effective pricing.

    Medical Translation Service For Medical Research

    Case Study
    Case Study

    Linguistic Validation and Cross-Cultural Adaptation of Clinical Instruments

    The Translation Gate not only provides clinical research translation, but we also provide linguistic validation of Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO); such as patient questionnaires that are used in the clinical trials conduction of new drugs.

    Offering the best quality is a must! Providing a clean text for gaining the best accurate data analysis where no error is accepted. Inaccurate translations can ruin the whole trial and accordingly, the drug company loses time and massive revenues.

    Our Team of Medical Translators are Clinicians

    Clinical Research Organizations strongly depend on The Translation Gate as an international medical language service provider. Our team of medical translators includes accurately chosen clinicians who are fully aware of the sensitivity of this field and know how to deliver accurate and culturally adapted documents.

    In addition to that, we offer certified translation documents following a strict quality control protocol applying all the new technologies and medical localization terminologies.

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    From the documents we translate in clinical industry:

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    We have spent more than a decade building our professional medical linguists’ network to meet our clients’ expectations. All of them can handle massive and sensitive localization projects that involve translation and localization process of many languages over than 160 languages. Most of the medical translation projects involve translation between English and the main world languages such as French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian.

    Medical Translation Services
    Medical Translation Services