Our benefits are unrivaled when it comes to patent translation services. We understand that with the most professional documents, you require the most professional team to fulfill all your translation needs. So, rest assured, as we do have proven and long experience in legal and patent translation, hence, we can easily meet and exceed your demands and expectations.

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    Fast, Professional, and Affordable Patent Translation Services in 160+ Languages

    The Translation Gate works with you to deliver professional, and high-quality Patent Translation Service for your project.

    Unmatched Professional Patent Translation Services By The Translation Gate's Experienced Translators

    With any brand, protecting your trademark is an integral and indispensable objective. Consequently, you will need patent translation services to make sure your business is protected and secured when you’re attempting to reach a wider audience in foreign markets. To avoid the risk of intellectual property theft, or any legal proceedings concerning your trademark, when translating into another language, you’ll need your translated content to be certified and your patents to be licensed in the target language. For that, The Translation Gate is your choice of certified patent translation providers.

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    Why Do You Need Patent Translation Services

    First of all, a patent is your exclusive right to the invention or business of your creation. Filing patents in a foreign country secures your right in that country. Securing that patent is a very critical process, and involves the translation of the patent itself in the country you want the patent to be granted.

    Patent translation requires high levels of legitimacy and accuracy. Patents are usually written in a very specific style, a style only our expert translators in The Translation Gate would be efficient in. With over 12 years of experience, we specialize in the translation of several patents such as EP and PCT to and from over 160 languages, such as Chinese patent machine translation or Russian patent translation. Our translators are experts in the field, being native speakers of the patent languages and able to deliver perfect translations in the target languages.

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    Chinese Patent Machine Translation

    With IP protection being more and more imperative in several countries, and the Chinese marketplace being the powerhouse that it is, it has never been a better time to secure your patents in Chinese locally for business ventures in China, whether you’re a multinational corporation or a smaller business.

    At The Translation Gate, we offer Chinese patent machine translation, utilizing the top quality and high-end technological advancements in machine translation and editing for all your Chinese patent translation needs. Since patents are highly technical and procedural, the AI in our machine translation can easily pick up on the patent and seamlessly translate it into the target language, with the advantage of speed and efficiency. Our experienced patent translators, however, can aid you in filing in China with our patent translation services. Click here for our Chinese patent Machine Translation (MT).

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    Russian Patent Translation

    Another powerhouse in the marketplace, we can help you file in Russia by translating your legal documents and specifications into Russian. 

    All our rendered translations abide by the rules of the Russian patent office and our translators and linguists are aware and adept in the country’s laws, situations, and the required legal terminology.

    Our translators can also translate all other parts of the patent, with graphs, tables, diagrams, and more to be agreed upon. Click here for our professional Russian Patent Translation.

    Japanese Patent Office Translation

    English-Japanese patent translation is very popular with the amounts of businesses and companies operating out of Japan. However, each country has its own patent office with its own rules.

    For example, in English-Japanese patent translation, our translators are aware of the differences between the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Japanese Patent Office, and thus are able to deliver the ideal translation of one page or thousands of pages. Click here for our professional Japanese Patent Office Translation.

    Planning to enter new international market?

    The Translation Gate translators have proven and long experience in legal and patent translation. Click here to get proficient patent translation services at the best rates!

    Translating Patents For Information

    Patents for information follow the filing process and are used to prove such filing in court. When translating patents for information, our certified translators follow the originally filed patent to the dot, making them and us your ideal choice.

    Our Patent Translation Services Include:

    Our patent translation services such as Chinese machine patent translation, Russian patent translation, and more are foolproof, as we understand that one error in such a delicate and technical process can lead to legal issues, predicaments, project delays, intellectual property theft, financial losses, ineligibility to receive patent protection and exclusive rights, and many more. Your translator must possess an excellent command of both the target and source languages for the pattern to make sure the filing process is seamless and smooth. Our team is up for that challenge and is guaranteed to help you.

    The Translation Gate Promises:

    Our patent translation services are backed by proofreaders and legal professionals ensuring that everything is up to standards and will make the application process simpler. The format and guidelines of the patent office of the filing country are highly important, which is why we conform to both when translating. Not only can we help you in translating the patent, but also in drawing up the patent itself. With our legal and technical field, we can answer any question you have regarding the patent or documents.

    Over thousands of clients all around the world are satisfied with The Translation Gate’s Patent translation, because of our:

    Patent translation requires speed, as the time between the approval and filing is short and critical. We are up for speedy delivery as we have designated procedures and processes that allow us to deliver results in the shortest amount of time so as to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

    Whether it’s language correctness or professionalism of terminology, our team is professional and well-versed in the legal subject, providing error-free patent translation services that will spare you any legal mishaps. We ensure you that you will receive no errors, mistranslations, or delays. So, rest assured that your patent translation project is in the right hands.

    An incorrect translation or mistake in the organization or format of the patent can risk the disapproval of your invention or business. Don’t fret, since our team is experienced with consistent patent approvals due to expert translations. Thus, we assure you a 100% guaranteed approval.

    At the Translation Gate, we usually strive to optimize your filing costs and reduce expenses as much as possible. Still, we guarantee you the most flawless and adequate patent translation services with no worry about inexperienced translators’ mistakes or vandalized mastery to receive patented rights as a result of insufficient translation.

    Our Languages

    Experts in Over 160 Languages

    The Translation Gate offers professional translation services in most of the world languages with the help of our certified translators’ network of professionals. With new languages added on a regular basis, The Translation Gate supports more than 1500 language pairs. Covering over 99% of the languages used around the world including English, Arabic, Hebrew, French, German and many others.




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