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Our voice over translation services speak for themselves since we’ve already aided thousands and thousands of satisfied customers on a global scale as shown on our website and can surely help you with your voice over content.

We assist our clients by giving them access to a variety of unpaired services, so whether what you are seeking is audio translation services, multimedia localization services, or dubbing services, it doesn’t matter because we are proud to say that we already have got all of it. 

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    The Translation Gate works with you to deliver professional, and high-quality multilingual voice overs for your project.

    Thinking about expansion already? Then hiring a professional voice over translation services provider is your next step!

    Are you new to the market of audio-visual content? Are you thinking about extending your already established business to new global markets, but not sure whether you should make the move or not? Have you been looking for an audio translation services agency, come across the heated debate of dubbing vs voice over, and began scratching your head for an answer about which is better and which will save you more time and money? We are glad to tell you that the search is over, because, at the Translation Gate, you are finally in safe hands.

    The Translation Gate is a world-class audio translation services provider, offering a range of variable solutions, including, and not limited to, voice over translation services, dubbing services, audiobook translations, and radio drama script translations, all in a multitude of languages to suit every market there is.

    At the Translation Gate, we are driven by ample passion to break the barriers between people via translation, granting our clients the most exquisite of services in over 160 languages and 1,500 combinations, with 12 years of experience. Our staff of certified translators, expert linguists, and the latest industry-standard professionals employs their vast knowledge and cutting-edge technology of AI, machine translation, and automation, in order to ensure our clients are investing their time and money in the right place.

    Why Are Voice Over Translation Services Integral for Your Business?

    It is always important to know your target audience and to deliver whatever it is that caters to their needs best and appeals to their taste. Some countries, most notably Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Vietnam, and Cambodia prefer using this method of translation to watch foreign films.

    It is easier to have control over your audiovisual content with voice over than dubbing, for example. Since voice over is usually performed by one voice over talent, it will definitely cost less money and save more time, not to mention avoiding problems like lip-synchronization problems that dubbing performers may encounter.

    That is not to say that voice over doesn’t come with its fair share of challenges. Voice over services can sometimes be a deal-breaker for the audience if they are not done properly, and such cases can be:

    • The Use of Outdated Equipment.
    • Choosing an Incompetent Voice Over Talent
    • Wrong Intonations and Word Emphasis
    • Poor Quality Editing.
    • Unprofessional Sound Engineering

    Since our team at the Translation Gate is cognizant of those hardships, we can only accept the best of the best to part of our family, so that the outcome would be no less than exemplary.

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    Voice over Vs Dubbing

    At the Translation Gate, we always put first that we are on the same page with our clients. This is why it is essential to clarify the slight difference between voice over and dubbing, and how with us, our clients will find that we are always working in their best interest.

    On a very basic level, voice over is a type of dubbing that requires only one voice over talent to read the script meant for a certain video, while on the other hand dubbing uses a full cast of talents to represent each individual on such a video.

    For example, the content of a documentary is primarily informative. Thus, it would need only one voice to narrate the events of what is going on and play the role of no matter how many guests, if there are any, so in such case using voice over translation services is a perfect choice. As opposed to this situation, a romantic series or a sitcom would require more ebbing and flowing in terms of intonation, since it is naturally emotive in the first place, which is why choosing dubbing services is more ideal.

    At the Translation Gate, our clients will find that they are aided by a comprehensive production team, with the best voice over and dubbing specialists, sound engineers, as well as certified language professionals and consultants to guide you step by step in your project.

    We walk our clients through the process of translating the script needed for their project to guarantee that they are pleased with our output and then assign one of our talented native speakers of the desired language to record that script over the original audio track.

    Our team is also aware of your budget, which is why we will ensure that our clients will choose whichever is more suitable for their material and spare you the choice of voice vs. dubbing.

    What Is the Drill with Our Voice Over Translation Services?

    The translation is a domain of art, and like every piece of art, it needs exceptional artists to bring it to daylight. Working in accordance with said mindset, our team members at the Translation gate entertain delicacy and patience as well as accuracy to yield the most optimal of results. Our process goes through some ritualistic steps, which enclose:

    It is imperative for us at the Translation Gate to thoroughly identify the nature of what we are working on, so we can choose the most fitting methods for our translation. Once we have decided on the approach that will be used for your project, we assign one of our experts to start working on the spot.

    Any Voice over content firstly needs content transcription, which is one of the foundational steps. This is why our team makes sure that we put our most hardworking transcribers and best machine translation tools up to the task. They start working on the video and make certain that they don’t miss any part of the video, no matter how insignificant it might appear at first glance.

    This part of the process is unquestionably done by a native translator who is adept at the source language and the target language, so we give no window for errors or cultural inappropriateness.

    This is the most important step, as here is where the real work begins. Once everything is clear and prepared, we send the translated script to our voice over talent, in order that they can read it, get a sense of the tone required for the subject matter, and then we start recording right away, utilizing the latest, industry-standard equipment and well-prepared studios.

    Our company offers voice over translation services in all languages, including:

    What Is So Special About Our Voice over Translation Services?

    The Translation Gate is one of the leading multimedia companies in USA, Europe, Asia and the MENA region. With over a decade’s worth of experience and a team of native professional and specialized individuals and offices scattered all over the world, we supply our clients with the easiest routes to be within an arm’s length of their wishes and needs. We work hand in hand with our clients around the clock, seeking unparalleled precision by putting our gifted language experts’ skills to their best use.

    Here we give you access to:

    • 24/7 Production Team Availability
    • Dedicated Project Management Team
    • Fast Turnarounds and On-time Delivery
    • Multiple CAT Tools Knowledge
    • Native Professional In-house and In-country Specialized Linguists
    • Budget-friendly Prices
    • Support All Video Formats and Extensions
    • Quick Responses

    Our voices over translation services encapsulate a wide circle of fields and contents like:

    More about Quality, Less about Quantity

    Here at the Translation Gate, our client’s satisfaction is our number one priority. This is why we care more about the quality of our results and provide as well unmatched budget-friendly rates and prices that our clients can find nowhere else.

    We also believe that integrity and reputation are of utmost importance to our clients. This is why our translation and localization services come all in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard for quality management systems, the ISO 17100:2015 standard for translation services, and the SAE J2450 translation quality metric for optimal language and industry-specific results.

    So what are you still waiting for? Getting to the top won’t be easy without the Translation Gate. Tap here and explore our free instant quotes for the best voice over translation services in town.

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