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Voiceover and Dubbing

Offering services such as documentary-style lip synchronization, narration, and dubbing, our extensive network of native-speaker voiceover talents works with our in-house technical supervisors to give you the highest quality dubbing production. We are cognizant of your budget. We also perfectly match timing and guarantee premiere sound quality, ensuring that the product supports all location-based requirements and media file types.

Partnering with The Translation Gate for your voice-over and dubbing project gives you access to a comprehensive production team, comprised of professional directors, engineers, graphic designers, post-production technicians, voice-over and dubbing specialists, and certified language professionals to support you along every step of your production cycle. We ensure that your project will benefit from the expertise and support of a team of creative professionals specializing in dubbing. They will assist you through the production phases and can provide all multimedia localization services.


Any company wanting their audiovisual content to reach an international audience can benefit from our professional subtitle translation team. With the aid of social media, online videos are now capable of reaching large amounts of people. Subtitle translation is thus crucial to global brands and distributors.

As a multimedia company and one of the leading subtitling companies for TV, DVD, YouTube, and cinema in Egypt and the MENA region with offices around the world, The Translation Gate can assist with over 1,500 language combinations, can provide you with all types of multimedia localization services, and will ensure that your project is produced for maximum on-screen readability and image synchronization in all major formats, including SRT, WebVTT, DFXP/TTML, SCC, SBV, SUB, CAP, and SAMI.


Transcription is one of the most highly demanded services in the translation and multimedia localization industry. Global organizations require it daily. Transcription is an imperative service for the vast majority of globalized companies.

Whether your business requires transcription services in the medical, legal, financial, media, or corporate fields, our team of expert linguists, translation professionals, and transcription experts at The Translation Gate work with all the major media and file types to support your needs in over 150 different languages with accuracy, efficiency, assuring confidentiality.

If you are lost searching from various multimedia website lists, our multimedia company website could be your perfect match. Check it out and get in touch with our multimedia company for more details.

Video Translation

On top of all other media types, video consumption takes the lead. Thus, multimedia localization services are foundational to any organization.

To beat increasingly global competition, video materials should be localized to reach your target audience worldwide. This can be achieved utilizing the latest industry-standard software and employing technology experts to deliver strategic business and entertainment messages to today’s diverse audiences.

Dubbing is an essential practice to make information more accessible.

With over a decade of experience in the field of translation and multimedia services, The Translation Gate, one of the leading multimedia companies in the field of multimedia services throughout USA, Egypt and the MENA region with offices located around the world, employs a team of expert linguists and in-house specialists with expertise in more than 160 languages. We have provided multimedia localization services and studio solutions in more than 1,500 language combinations to thousands of satisfied customers worldwide and can assist you with your dubbing needs, as shown on our multimedia company website.

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Graphics Localization

“A picture is worth a thousand words” summarizes the importance of pictures for marketing and product placement in a target market. From older eras into the age of digital marketing and globalization, pictures have a significant impact, delivering the required message to the target audience helping a message sink into the subconscious mind. This drives consumer behavior. As a result of pictures and imagery, they prefer certain products or services.

The explosion in international trade has forged new markets with different languages and cultures which have had an impact on the simplest things in terms of communications. Whatever the source file or text, it needs to be adapted according to a given audience’s preferences and other attributes.

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Multimedia Translation in 160 Languages

The Translation Gate offers professional native translators, voiceover talents, and subject matter experts in over 160 languages. We can localize your multimedia materials with quality and speed in all major languages.




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