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    The Translation Gate has been a solid partner for Healthcare companies and providers, offering professional Healthcare translation services and localization solutions. With the help of our certified medical translators specially dedicated to our clients’ accounts in over 160 languages, and work around the clock to ensure our clients’ health care documents are translated with technical accuracy and in the shortest time.

    Emergency Translation services for COVID-19

    Are you looking for an instant translation for COVID-19 announcements and urgent messages?

    The Translation Gate is here for you! We can provide urgent translation services done by our certified healthcare translators instantly with the highest quality for the health industry.

    We’re here to support whether you need English to Arabic, Arabic to English, English to French, French to English, English to German, English to Spanish, or even English to Hebrew translation. 

    We facilitate the Communication between Healthcare Providers and Patients

    As the regulations for all the healthcare providers and insurance companies are always updated, all the patients’ materials should be updated as well and localized to their languages so that they can understand clearly and according to the patients’ reading level.

    Aiming to cross the languages’ barrier, The Translation Gate provides translation services for pharmaceutical companies, researchers and medical device manufacturers in more than 160 languages covering hospital translations, clinics’ documents translation and pharmacy document localization.

    Our Healthcare translation services include:

    We guarantee the regulatory compliance of your products, providing strong and accurate translations of Instructions for Use (IFU), as well as CMC documentation.

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    Medical Translation Services
    Medical Translation Services

    Expert Healthcare resources

    Because we know that healthcare industry demands accurate translations, The Translation Gate provides the best linguists who have medical or science degrees and have vast experience in biotechnology, medical devices, diagnostic equipment, medical translation, clinical translation and communications.

    Professional Healthcare Translations in over 160 Languages

    The Translation Gate professionally provides the best medical devices translation services in over 160 languages covering all European, Middle Eastern, Asian, African and Latin American languages. Ensuring all your health care documents are translated applying the highest technical accuracy, precision and subject matter expertise.

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