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Expand your business globally with one of the top certified medical translation services providers in the USA, Europe, the Gulf area, Asia, and Africa.

The medical sector is commonly known for its critical focus on each and every tiny detail. As a consequence, medical translation services should be as focused on details. There should be no room for mistakes. One mistake could risk lives or lead to serious health damage. 

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Need Professional Medical Translation Services in 160+ Languages?

The Translation Gate works with you to deliver professional, and high-quality multilingual translation services for your medical content.

Professional Certified Medical Translation Services You Can Trust

The Translation Gate is the medical translation services provider that has what it takes to break down all linguistic and cultural barriers, and guarantee your business a global expansion for further potential customers with its unrivaled medical document translation services. We combine long years of expertise, professional linguistic methods, and cutting-edge technology to deliver medical translation services that are accurate, consistent, culturally appropriate, and meet the industry standards.

Look no further than The Translation Gate if you need a medical translation services provider who can deliver high-quality and accurate medical document translation services that are in accordance with a complicated regulatory environment.

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Life Sciences Translation Services WE PROVIDE


Clinical Research

Clinical medical document translation services must be accurate and culturally sensitive. Let your pharmacological studies and scientific research go global through our medical translation services!

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Medical Devices

Grow your business with accurate medical translation services specialized for medical reports, medical document translation services, medical devices, operational instructions & all health care industry and needs.

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We will help you optimize your international presence!

Our medical translation services linguists specialize in adapting pharmaceutical and medical translation services for any global market with zero error.

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Lower the risk of misunderstanding to zero!

Get accurate Healthcare and medical translation services for your multilingual customers around the world.


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Complexity Of Medical Translation Services Explained

Medical document translation services require superb accuracy and precision, as any deviation in the translation of the content or terminology may risk someone’s life. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a professional and a certified medical translation services linguist or medical translation services agency specializing in the life sciences.

For more than a decade, The Translation Gate has been the top medical translation services agency for global brands and other players in the life sciences industry. We handle massive and sensitive localization projects that involve the translation and localization of many languages.

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Our Expertise in Medical Translation

The most trusted medical translation services agency, The Translation Gate, and its medical localization experts offer error-free certified medical document translation services in over 160 languages in a wide variety of life science materials. We work on:

Certified for Translation Accuracy by Medical Professionals

With the importance of commitment and accuracy in the field of medical translation services in mind, The Translation Gate follows strict protocols and international quality assurance standards.

We ensure that our clients receive the highest quality medical translation services for the life sciences. We employ multiple levels of quality checking to maintain 100% accuracy as well as ensure strict confidentiality.

We understand medical content demands the highest linguistic accuracy and technical precision. This is why we provide certified Medical Translation Services for our clients in medical devices, clinical research,  pharmaceuticals, and healthcare industries, as well as contract research organizations (CROs).

Medical Subjects We Translate

We have vast experience providing medical document translation services in a wide variety of medical fields such as:

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Expand in Foreign Markets with the Best Medical Translations

All life sciences documents are translated and certified by medical professionals provided by The Translation Gate in more than 160 languages. Most medical translation projects and pharmaceutical translation documents involve translation between English and the main world languages such as French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian.

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