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    The Most Professional Medical Transcription Services In 2022

    Medical records are some of the most sensitive data you can ever have or write, and there is absolutely no room for error, otherwise serious action can be taken and potential crises could arise. Because of this, you need a highly professional and razor-sharp medical transcription. A good transcriber will make sure all your data is written, documented, and recorded flawlessly, and we have exclusively the best medical transcriber for you. Here is why we can provide just what you need.

    At The Translation Gate, we have a professional team of experts encompassing all kinds of translators, transcribers, proofreaders, linguists, and more. We have 12 years of experience in over 160 languages, and for that, we are competing with the leading medical transcription companies. We are pioneers as well in editing and proofreading and official translation services. That’s why we are trusted by the biggest global companies, businesses, individuals, studios, and more all over the world.

    Some of Our Medical Translation Services Include But Are Not Limited To:

    What Is Medical Transcription?

    Medical transcription involves following medical dictation and then creating all kinds of written medical documents and records for the patient’s health status, updates, history, symptoms, medication, diagnosis, tests, and more. A good medical transcriber, like the ones on our team, can create full and error-free records and documents with extreme accuracy. This accuracy is vital for both communication and the benefit of the patient and the institution.

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    Professional Medical Transcription Services By Our Experts

    Our medical transcribers work hand-in-hand with the doctors, nurses, medical professionals, and providers to arrange the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment plan in the best possible manner. A transcriber, especially one with medical experience, will still have to follow the healthcare provider’s details, notes, memos, and put them down in an organized, and easy-to-follow fashion. Physicians simply do not have the time to carry out these tasks on their own, so that’s why medical transcription is needed to give them a hand.

    Not only have we helped healthcare providers, but our medical transcription team, similar to our editing and proofreading and official translation services teams, has helped hospital-based clinics, multi-specialty clinics, group practices, private and public hospitals, and health management companies achieve optimal recording of medical files.

    After any document is created, editing and proofreading are used to ensure that there is not a single mistake or inaccuracy in the new document. Each hospital includes several documents that aid our transcribers in producing perfectly aligned records.

    Not only do we work with the professionals, but we make use of the medical institution itself and its database and records to keep every detail perfectly in place with an elevated level of confidentiality.

    Our Medical Transcription Services Include All Kinds of Documents such as:

    Why do You Need Medical Transcription Services?

    Similar to official translation services, medical transcription is used to make your professional life much easier. If you are a medical professional, you have dictated notes about each patient’s visit, and you need these visits recorded to be able to help the patient in the long run. Our transcribers compete with and exceed those of medical transcription companies.

    At The Translation Gate, whatever the field of medicine is, you will always find a specialized transcriber to document your client’s visit through your speech recordings. Once they transcribe the visit, they utilize editing and proofreading to make sure not a single mistake was made, such as wrong medication, inaccurate labels, unclear symptoms, and the like.


    We Offer Our Medical Transcription in Miscellaneous Fields:

    Our transcribers at The Translation Gate are experienced and proficient in several aspects of medicine, such as medical terminology, medical specialties, supplies, medicines, anatomy, and more. This allows them not only an excellent command of grammar and clarity of expression, but also the required in-depth knowledge for the perfect medical and surgical terms to use without confusion.


    The Translation Gate Is Your Ideal Medical Transcription Provider

    At The Translation Gate, what makes us different than any other medical transcription company is that we offer you:

    Our Medical Transcriber Is Your Perfect Fit

    Just like our official translation services, with a large team of medical transcribers, we will find the best one suited for you. Depending on the physician, language, preferences, expertise, and field, we will pair the physician or medical professional with the optimal transcriber for the job. No matter the dictation, we are ready to take on the work. We have several dictation options such as phone calls, conference calls, and audio recordings.


    We Are Up To Every Challenge

    Medical transcription and medical transcription companies face many challenges in the transcription process, such as errors in technical terms, lack of enough knowledge, inability to discern the spoken or recorded speech, and a wide range of possible mistakes in the names of medicines, symptoms, and report elements.

    With The Translation Gate, however, we challenge all these possibilities and ensure everything is crystal clear. We guarantee this as our transcribers have gone through intensive training and several previous projects to prove that they are the best in the business. They will be able to process your dictation with undeniable accuracy and prowess.

    The Challenges That Medical Transcribers Face

    The challenges of delivering the best medical transcription do not only lie in the transcription process, but also in realizing and correcting possible difficulties produced in the dictation process itself. Healthcare professionals produce a large number of reports, and so the dictation might often be produced quickly which can make it difficult for the transcriber to follow.

    Doctors are human too, and prone to making mistakes. Our transcribers have enough expertise to be able to identify these mistakes and correct them. The years of experience with medical terms make it easy for them to streamline the report through editing and proofreading.


    Why Do We Use Human Transcribers?

    Several companies nowadays use speech recognition software, AI, and transcription software to make the process easier. On our part, our philosophy with medical transcription and official translation services is that human is always better. With human transcribers, there is no room for software mix-ups or errors in identifying words, especially when the dictation is hasty or unclear. With the niche medical terms that may be confused for something else, the human transcriber working directly with the record and personally with the medical professional is the best option.

    How Do We Transcribe At TTG?

    Our medical transcription process is intensive and direct. Whether our transcriber is speaking directly with the doctor or using a pre-recorded audio file, the process is the same:

    As you can tell, our process is very thorough and we leave nothing on the table. Despite this detailed medical transcription process, we still promise you speedy delivery in competition with the leading medical transcription companies.

    Why Choose The Translation Gate For You Next Medical Transcription Project?

    We are confident in your satisfaction, but here’s how we can further prove it:

    Security and Confidentiality

    Medical reports and documents should be highly secure, and we take patient-doctor confidentiality very seriously. Because of this, we go through great lengths to keep your data secure and under our eyes only. Our databases are among the most secure out of all medical transcription companies.

    Direct Contact

    We believe that for any project, communication is key between the client and transcriber or translator. For medical transcription, the transcriber can work directly with the doctor on the phone or through conference calls to guarantee satisfaction and to follow any notes or pointers.

    Speedy Turnarounds

    We understand that the medical field requires not only efficiency, but also speed. The delivery of a medical report or diagnosis could mean life or death and so we work around the clock and have your audio file fully processed and transcribed, even if it takes several transcribers.


    There is a reason we are trusted by so many clients all over the world. Over 4000 companies have chosen us as their reliable provider of official translation services, editing and proofreading, and transcription in various fields such as medical transcription.

    If we can best describe our services in one word it would be “precision”. Our 12 years of experience have allowed us to choose and train the best, brightest, and most qualified translators and transcribers in the market. Not only have we helped businesses grow to staggering heights, but we have also provided our services to the most influential companies in the world such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and so many more.

    With over 10,000 satisfied clients worldwide, you can trust and choose us for your next medical transcription needs. Click here to get a quote today!