Official Translation Services

Do you have an official document that needs translation? Do you need to travel, resolve a legal or financial issue, apply for something in another country, or simply get something professionally translated to finish up some formal procedures?

At The Translation Gate, we will make sure all your official translation needs are met by our team of professional certified translation services. No matter what kind of document it is, our team of translators is always able to aid you in achieving whatever formal target you may have.

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    Need Professional Official Translation Services?

    Do you currently need a certified or official translation to support any immigration, legal, professional, academic, or financial document? Contact us now and get a free quote.

    What Is Official Translation?

    Whenever you are finalizing any kind of official paper, license, permit, or application, the relevant authorities will require certified documents for these processes and that includes certified translated documents. Through our official document translation services, we can handle any kind of official document.

    Certified translation or official translation is highly technical, as there is absolutely no room for error or personal touch. The translation will follow the source text to the letter, and no creative input can be made by the translator. Absolutely no omissions, additions, or reformulation is accepted in this kind of translation. Mirroring the source material is our top priority.

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    When It Comes To Certified translation, Our Expertise Is Boundless

    At The Translation Gate, our professional team of translators realizes that each official document requires different knowledge and specific industry experience; that is why depending on the kind of document you need to be translated, we will provide you with the exact translator you need in order to obtain the best and most genuine certified translation of your document.

    Our translation will be backed by a certificate proving that your document is ready for any official review by either the governmental authority or institution required. Our authorized and sworn statement is infallible and foolproof, no matter the target authority.

    Our Official Document Translation Services Include, But Are Not Limited To:

    At TTG, Our Document Translation Is Up To Task

    Our official translation services are unmatched. With thousands of satisfied clients, we have perfected the art of document translation. By using 100% human translation, we can completely avoid the issues that can arise from utilizing machine translation, especially when it comes to the form and structure of the document. For example, on a birth certificate or diploma, certain sections need to be recreated perfectly in the target text, while machine translation could lead to the discombobulation of some parts together.

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    Certified Vs Sworn Vs Notarized Vs Legalized Translation

    Our official translation services include certified translation, as well as sworn, notarized, and legalized translations. We have special translators who are able to do all four and provide you with the highest quality version of each one.

    • Certified Translation: Our certified translation comes with a certificate to be presented to the authority you need it for. Our certificate is signed, stamped, and accompanied by a statement from our certified translator. Our certified translation completely fulfills the requirements of the country the document needs to be presented in, as each country has its own different requirements.

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    Your Translator is Tailor Made

    Since our translators are adept in several fields, the selection process for your project depends on their specific area of expertise. We will assign the top translator in that field to help you in your procedures and make sure what you need to be achieved gets done. Think of our team of translators as doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and more who can easily fill their shoes.

    What The Translation Gate Guarantees:

    Our Official Translation Services Are Broad

    Whether it is a public institution or a private one, our services are top-notch and remarkable. Public universities, as well as private offices, can benefit from what we offer and speed up their paperwork. For complicated governmental and international matters such as immigration, our official certified translation services will save you the hassle, delays, and worry of those procedures. Our team understands the need for those requirements, and thus they can meet them flawlessly.

    We Overcome Any Challenge

    Our official document translation services overcome the difficulties that come with document translation, such as complexity of style, specific industry terms, inability to localize, and field-specific requirements and background knowledge. You will find that not only our translators are professional linguists, but years of exposure have turned them into expert practitioners, well-versed in the fields of document translation.

    The differences in requirements and procedures of each country are also kept in mind, so don’t worry about that, as our team is culturally aware of what needs to be done for what country. All you need to do is provide us with the details of your target country, and leave the rest to us.

    Looking For Official Translation Company?

    The Translation Gate assigns specialized official translation professionals to meet all your requirements

    All That You Need In One Place

    At the Translation Gate, we support multiple document translation services for an extensive range of industries and fields, including:

    Legal documents such as contracts, bylaws, agreements, wills, and more are all written and produced in a very specific and highly formal style. Fortunately, we lead the way when it comes to legal documents, courts, and firms. Our translators are aware of the rules and regulations that the documents need to follow and can apply this without issue. Click here for our full legal document translation services.

    Financial documents such as bank statements, balance sheets, and reports go through several steps of approval, and faulty ones can lead to massive issues. However, at The Translation Gate, you can rest easy and never worry as our official translation services guarantee that your financial documents are perfectly handled with an undeniable level of detail, accuracy, and professionalism.  For more on our financial document translation, tap here.

    Military documents are highly sensitive materials, requiring the best of the best at The Translation Gate. We have worked with military personnel and institutions to guarantee that our linguists will have confidential military documents translated with no room for loopholes or errors. Click here to know more about our military document translation services.

    The Translation Gate offers certified translated military documents in various fields such as pharmacy, healthcare, equipment, medical reports, diagnoses, clinical protocols, and more. Our medical translators are professionals in their own right, and their years of experience have given them prime medical knowledge. Click here for our medical document translation services.

    We Work With Any Document Format

    Your document does not need to be fancy, as our official document translation services are applicable to all kinds of document formats such as .pdf, .doc, .xml, .html, .txt, .csv, and more.

    If the content is written on an image, then we can handle it too and turn it into a document. If it needs to be typed, we can type it.

    Our Languages

    Experts in Over 160 Languages

    The Translation Gate offers professional translation services in most of the world languages with the help of our certified translators’ network of professionals. With new languages added on a regular basis, The Translation Gate supports more than 1500 language pairs. Covering over 99% of the languages used around the world including English, Arabic, Hebrew, French, German and many others.




    Human Translators and Machine Translation

    At The Translation Gate, we believe that human translation is always preferred. Even if it takes more work, machine translation can simply never replicate the creativity, word choice, and specific understanding of the source text as human translation.

    This is why, while we do use machine translation for large numbers of files and we make good use of professional CAT tools, our human translators are our priority and focus and they will never let you down.

    Success Is Assured At The Translation Gate

    For The Translation Gate, success translates to satisfaction. The satisfaction of the client and their intentions of forming a proper professional relationship is our goal. With our official translation services, we have achieved that goal with all major corporations, businesses, and clients all over the globe. Just as they have trusted us, you can trust us too.