Essentials to Know about Book Translation Services

Reading a full book is a mundane affair to some people, but reading one in a foreign language can be a deal-breaker to a lot more than some. As an author or a publisher, it is your duty to make sure that your product reaches as many people as possible on their own terms and is accessible to everyone who might have the interest to read about your genre or topics.

For generations, books have been globally regarded as a major source of knowledge. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they are the most important at that. Even with the emergence of multiple other mediums, manifested in auditory, visual, and audio-visual contents, like audio-books, documentaries, films, paper books have managed to stand the test of time and remain popular among knowledge seekers, scholars, and certainly, simple enthusiasts who enjoy a good story and a gripping intricate plot. 

Since knowledge is not something that one nation, or one person, should choose to keep and not share with the rest of humanity, it has become necessary to find a method to convey this knowledge represented in books and to harness language to serve that purpose.

This resulted in the foundation of translation as a conduit to communicate an individual’s thoughts to others who don’t speak their language, and later, with rapid human advancements, book translation services emerged and have become more crucial than ever before.

But before we delve into book translation services territory and its branching disciplines, we must first have a quick identification with the fundaments of translation itself.

What Is Translation? And How Does It Work?

    Any translation process means the communication of the meaning in a source language (SL) to an equivalent target language (TL). The process is not limited to texts alone, but it also extends to other domains, which may be spoken, like in consecutive translation, audio-visual, like translating films or TV shows, and more. This job can be carried out by either human or machine and both have their variety of advantages and disadvantages.

While the general idea might give the impression that translation is simple, it can’t be asserted enough that it’s more complex than one should think. It is more than trying to make someone understand. In numerous cases, it is to make a person relate to what is being said or read by avoiding awkward structures and expressions that native speakers of the target language will never use. This is why translation requires precision and extensive studies to achieve professionalism.

A translator needs complete knowledge of the field in which they are specialized. You can’t, for example, ask someone who specializes in legal translation to translate an economic text, without having enough knowledge about the subject matter. This can produce satisfactory outcomes, but it is most likely to have many technical errors which cost time and money.

Similar to the other variant fields of translation, providing book translation services needs prior knowledge. This knowledge of itself varies depending on the book in question. If you are translating a textbook for a school or an educational institution, you will need a person who has experience in education translation services, textbook translation services to be more specific.

Book Translation Service
Book Translation Service

Benefits of Hiring Book Translation Services

Ascertaining the benefit of book translations might be a little dependent on your purpose, but it goes without saying that there are common advantages to be found to benefit the majority of authors/publishers who want their works translated. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider book translation services: 

  • Large Scale Readership

There is nothing more pleasing than being stopped on the street by a fan to sign a copy of your work, but to have that in a different country, maybe an entirely different continent, that is for a writer what it means to be on cloud nine. Book translation services allow your book to reach more people and ensure that your stories influence various lives around the world.

  • Sales Boost

Having more readers undoubtedly boosts your book sales and with it naturally comes more money. Joanne Rowling (J.K Rowling), the author of Harry Potter, one of the most popular fantasy series of all time, is also known to be the richest author in the world.

The Harry Potter series is now translated into over 80 languages and enjoyed by millions of children and adults alike. The series managed to sell over 500 million copies worldwide, and make more than 7.7 billion dollars.

  • Your Ticket to a Nobel Prize

This is not an exaggeration, number one of the integral qualifications of receiving a Nobel Prize is for your work as a writer to have a substantial impact that adds more value to the experience of humankind. It is true that the academy doesn’t necessarily take into consideration how well-known a writer can be, but having your book translated increases the chances of fulfilling that essential target, as you would be touching the lives of more people, and consequently, you might one day find an invitation in your mail to receive your award at the next ceremony.

  • Book Translations Benefit a Country’s Literary Canon

A literary canon is the body of the most important, influential works in literature. Each country has its own collection of great literary works that define a country’s stature on the cultural map. Having your book translated may also attract foreign people to other works in your country, which raises the popularity of your country’s literature as a whole.

Over the course of history, there have been countless examples of such phenomenon, among which are the highly esteemed Russian literature and Latin American literature, thanks to authors like Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Jose Saramago, and Gabriel. Garcia Marquez, whose works are regarded by avid readers as second to none.

Are Book Translation Services Limited to Literary Books?

Certainly not, as professional book translation services encompass nonfiction as well. Education translation services, for instance, represent a branch of book translations that focuses on translating materials that have instructive and educative purposes. As already mentioned, it can be in the form of textbook translation services, e-learning translation services, a domain that deals with digital books and electronic services in the field, as the “e” in e-learning stands for electronic.

Book Translation Service
Book Translation Service

Book translation services also include translations of official documents like birth certificates, death certificates, academic transcripts, degree certificates, and any other form of documents.

Like every other profession, translation is a craft that needs a craftsman. This is why you should take into consideration that book translation services can’t be undertaken by your individual effort, a random native speaker, or a machine. Due to being fundamentally delicate, it requires vast knowledge and years of study, which is something neither a machine nor a native has.

Moreover, only professional translation services are recognized by numerous organizations and countries around the globe. Countries like Canada, for example, require evidence that the person who translated whichever text presented has passed a certification exam.

At the Translation Gate, we provide highly professional translation services, with a team of certified translators in all fields and over 12 years of experience.  We make sure to bring the best of qualities in book translation services with the most pocket-friendly rates per word.

Thanks to our team of experienced translators residing all around the world,  You will get your works seen and your voice heard here, there, and everywhere. In addition to our book translation services, we also provide book proofreading services offered by native editors and proofreaders.

Moreover, we do guarantee that your piece of work will never be shared by any third parties from start to finish of translation as confidentiality and sensitivity are essential parts of our book translation services.

All you have to do is upload the relevant documents to our system and our project managers along with our language experts will ensure that you receive a professional book translation service without any hassle.

Go ahead and check our website now to know more about our services and don’t forget to request your quote in book translation services while you are at it.

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