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Your business success tremendously depends on the language services you used for portraying your company. Hire a skilled Dari language translator at The Translation Gate, and let us help you creates a good impression on every business meeting as well as boost and polish your business reputation. 

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    The Translation Gate works with you to deliver professional, and high-quality Dari translation services for your project.

    Professional Dari Translation Services Served By Afghan Experts!

    The best novels in the world are written by and about Afghan women in Afghanistan, and forming a successful business starts from there too! From 2003 to 2022, the Afghan economy encountered an annual GDP growth rate of over 13%, and it’s still growing, and if you need to be a part of such economic growth, especially in the agriculture and FMCG industries, getting Dari language translation services is a must.

    You might think of the Dari language as a rare and hard-to-find language; however, Dari, the Afghan dialect of Farsi (Persian), is recognized as one of the two official languages in Afghanistan and is spoken by around 78% of the population. At The Translation Gate, we employ Dari language translators who possess a great deal of expertise and provide explicitly 100% accurate translations with meticulous terminology, excellent values, and outstanding results across our entire range of Dari translation services.

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    Catch A Glimpse Of The Dari Language!

    Dari and Pashto are recognized as the official languages of Afghanistan. Dari is used as a “‘bridge language” as it serves as the means of communication between speakers of different languages in Afghanistan. Dari is spoken by almost half of the population In Afghanistan and around 20.5 million native speakers around the world.

    Dari is one of the two officially recognized languages of Afghanistan. Dari is the Afghan dialect of Farsi (Persian). The difference between Farsi and Dari could be compared to the discrepancy between both British and American English. If someone from the countryside of either the UK or America met each other, they’d find a lot of differences in pronunciation, slang, and even shortcuts in spoken grammar; however, they can still communicate.

    Dari is written in a modified Arabic alphabet and has many Arabic and Persian loanwords. That’s why some foreigners have the misconception that Arabic and Dari are the same; however, Dari, Farsi, and Pashto languages are entirely different from the Arabic language.

    Back Your Business Up With The Best Dari Language Translators

    Always be connected to the Afghani market with our outstanding Dari language translation services. If you aim to expand into the Afghani market but the language barrier is proving to be a significant burden, leave it to our PROs.

    Herein, we have experienced, in-country Dari language translators as well as remote translators who are located in every part of the world. We provide language translation services from Dari into all African, European and Asian languages including French, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Zulu.

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    It’s No Longer A Burden To Translate From & To Dari

    Owing to the quick growth of Dari-speaking communities inside and outside Afghanistan, the demand for Dari language translations is on the rise and The Translation Gate is fully determined and all set to serve you with a full range of professional and error-free Dari translation and localization solutions.

    We proudly represent ourselves as a leading translation agency that offers one-of-a-kind Dari unified services that encompass exclusive adaptation of your brand, whether that means subtitling your human resources motion or live videos, interpreting your ZOOM meetings and business video/ audio calls, localizing your website or an e-commerce store for your Afghan customers, or translating the packaging, blueprints, manuals, statements, contracts and patents of your whole operation.

    We also gladly cover a wide spectrum of Dari translation services from and to 160 languages and 1500 language pairs as:

    Get Your Dari Translations With The Fastest Translation Agency In The Market!

    Whether you need your Dari document translated from or to 1 language, or 150, we can get it done in a fraction of the time. Through using our advanced CAT (Computer-Aided-Translation) tools and the latest software technologies, our workflows are facilitated to translate your projects as fast and as accurately as possible.

    When choosing a Dari language translator, expert knowledge of the subject matter is equally as important as translation experience. Here, at The Translation Gate, we promise you the most accurate, precise, highest quality, certified Dari translation services, localization services, and interpreting solutions in the translation market. Our teams have helped innumerable businesses all around the world carve their path into the Afghan market, and now we’re ready to serve you and write your next business success chapter with a team of proficient Dari specialist translators, grouped per subject matter.

    Various Niches Dari Language Translations At One Place: The Translation Gate!

    Whether you are a global leading enterprise or a growing small start-up, we are delighted to partner with you and help your business expand. Whatever your niche is, we have Dari experts for every industry, and we can aid in shaping your business communication to particularly target your audiences across the world. We also use translation memory so we can leverage existing translations for better linguistic consistency, cost savings, and fast turnarounds. Here are some of the industries we offer Dari language translations for:

    Patents, Assembly line instructions, Vehicle Specs, Production documents, Owner manuals, Engine repair manuals, & Internal corporate communications.

    Product labels, Clinical protocols, Information for Use (IFU), Regulatory documents, Patient Debriefing, and follow-up Documentation, & Product Data Sheets.

    Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) translations, Packaging, Digital interfaces, Safety documents, Marketing material, Studies, Policy, service, and user manuals.

    Audiovisual marketing material, Company files, Protocols and instructions, Commercial literature, software manuals, Technical documents, Publications, and reviews.

    Legal services brochures, Trademark applications, Evidence books

    Non-disclosure agreements, Prospectuses, public offerings, Articles of incorporation, Evidentiary documents, & Business contracts.

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