Searching for the best possible translation services that meet all your needs? Perhaps you have a document or assignment that you don’t have time to edit, or require a more professional level of editing? With writing and translation comes editing and proofreading to ensure smoothness, readability, and the best possible output. Proofreading and editing are as significant as the writing or translation themselves since professionalism requires a final draft, not just an imperfect first one. In that case, you need professional proofreading services to make sure the structure, vocabulary, and all levels of language are up to standard.

The Translation Gate company is a global superpower in all fields of translation, such as medical translation, legal translation, document translation, voice-over, website localization, and any form of translation, or editing and proofreading. We have helped companies, individuals, studios, and all forms of businesses with our services.

At The Translation Gate, we offer extensive editing and proofreading services for all manners of documents or media, such as film translation, subtitle translation, and editing any and all kinds of documents, videos, memos, contracts, or blogs.  

With our 12 years of experience, our dedicated staff of translators, editors, proofreaders, subtitlers, and more, we are dominating 160+ languages and all kinds of content meant to be translated, edited, or both. 

Our editors usually make sure your content follows the smoothest possible method and will make changes solely according to language and not personal choices, such as in film translation or subtitle translation, as one of our biggest goals is maintaining as much of the original message as possible.  Therefore, editing and proofreading are some of our biggest focuses requiring the sharpest minds that you can only find here at The Translation Gate with our incomparable professional proofreading services.



Well, editing comes before proofreading. At first, whenever something is written or translated, we need to take a look at it. As humans, we are prone to make mistakes and writing is no different. For that reason, our highly-skilled, professional team providing professional editing and proofreading services pays attention to every single detail of a document or video for film translation or subtitle translation to ensure you obtain a flawless and ideal structure. 

While editing and proofreading might seem the same, editing usually handles the core features of writing and enriches the language by making modifications and adaptations for clarity, transparency, readability, and smooth narration. On the other hand, proofreading addresses surface-level issues, as well as eliminates misspellings, semantic and syntactic errors, inconsistencies, arrangement errors, etc.

To explain more editing is the first step after the first draft is finished. Editing mainly encompasses 3 stages: developmental editing (structural editing or substantive editing), line editing (content Editing or stylistic editing), and copyediting.

As for the developmental editing, the editor works on the document as a whole where he improves the overall structure and content of the project, including reorganizing, adding, deleting large excerpts of the text. The editor also ensures the writer has addressed all major points and the content makes sense overall. For instance, in a fictional work, the developmental editor looks at the elements of fiction, including the exposition, the plot, the pacing, the character development, the climax, and the setting.

After the developmental editing comes the line editing, where the editor works on the text at the paragraph level and manages principal matters at the sentence level. The line editor refines the text language to enhance clearness, flow, and consistency in both tone and style. He assures that the level of language is fit for the target audience. To illustrate, in a fictional work, the line editor makes sure the back-and-forth dialogue is suitable for the target audience and stays true to each character’s qualities.

The editing process ends with copyediting where the copy editor works comprehensively at the sentence level. He ensures consistency throughout a document by using the appropriate style guide as well as correcting errors with syntax (sentence structure). In a fictional work, the copy editor makes sure the timeline is consistent and that the characters’ physical features stay the same. He also helps fix those grammar blunders and punctuation pitfalls that are lurking throughout the fiction.

At last comes proofreading. Proofreading is the very final step before printing or publication that is performed over the final draft. Our skillful proofreaders deal comprehensively with the text at the word level, including correcting mistakes with grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, formatting, making sure of the usage of appropriate and suitable word choices, and double-checking for reprised or omitted words.


However, make no mistake, our professional proofreading services do not involve tampering or changing the original meaning, message, or even idiosyncratic tone of the original copy. Our professional proofreading services simply add a new dimension to the original one and help put that final polish on your document to ensure it looks professional.

As for our editing and proofreading services, we promise you unprecedented razor-sharp accuracy and detail. If your documents require a high level of grammatical restructuring or paragraph rearranging, our team guarantees to do that and more. We improve upon the style, composition, layout, word choice, consistency, transparency, and even concision. 

Moreover, our editing and proofreading team possess perfect command over the language, be it the source language, or target language of translation. We are aware of any sort of common mistakes, lack of translucency in some areas, and different structures of both languages, such as the reverse structure of subject and verb in English vs Arabic. Hence, before handing in the project to our clients, we assure that the final version of the project is reviewed multiple times and guarantee all the changes made are up to the task. 


 Whether it’s an academic paper, business proposal, manuscript, or more, mistakes are unacceptable and often times unprofessional, even if most of the time unintentional. To produce quality content that gets you that promotion, that high grade, or that Ph.D., your writing or translated document needs to be foolproof, clear, concise, with elevated style and structure. Proofreading and editing are used for that elevation and that advancement. Not simple for mistakes, but also for polishing the writing.



Different kinds of content require different kinds of editing and proofreading. Our team is aware of each and every field and the requirements that go along with it, and thus we specialize in fields including but not limited to:

  • TRANSCRIPTION EDITING: Videos require going over the transcription, making sure that everything was written down exactly matching the original. In many cases, you might sometimes find slight differences in expressions between the original spoken dialogue and written transcription such as “We might get what we need” changed into “We will get what we need” which makes a difference in the original meaning. Yet, with editing and proofreading, we make sure that what was said is copied directly.
  • SUBTITLE TRANSLATION AND FILM TRANSLATION: We are aware of the difficulties that come with it, such as inaccurate expression translations, not abiding by the correct number of characters in the subtitled line, or mistakes in translating colloquial or slang language, but with professional proofreading services, the subtitled lines will be free of any inaccuracy or unnecessary change. Click here for film translation and subtitle translation
  • REVIEWING DOCUMENTS: We work directly with the client to abide by their needs and requirements for the look, arrangement, and formatting of the document. 
  • RESEARCH PAPERS AND DISSERTATIONS: Research papers require foolproof editing and proofreading.  To get the best possible grade, your paper cannot have any mistakes or errors. It needs to be well-structured and clear. We can help you on your academic journey, whether it’s graduation or postgraduate studies. Click here for paper editing.
  • PROPOSALS: Business or project proposals are sometimes a one-in-a-million chance to completely change your life. With our proofreading and editing, we can make sure you get the financing and approval with your perfectly revised proposal.
  • MANUSCRIPTS AND BOOKS: Every writer knows the struggle of having to do the proofreading and editing of hundreds upon hundreds of pages, whether it’s informational or fictional. Don’t fret and undertake a time-consuming task for you, we can review the manuscript and have it ready for publication.
  • CONTRACTS AND LEGAL DOCUMENTS: Legal documents require an even higher level of editing and proofreading and making sure that everything is accurate, as legal work can have no room for loopholes due to any sort of small mistake. 

In addition to this, we provide a linguistic review in all kinds of fields and subjects, whether medical, legal, audiovisual, videogames, educational, subtitling, videogames, and more. 

Our editing and proofreading services extend as well to all kinds of documents and formats, such as PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, Powerpoint, HTML, and more. We ensure working closely with our client to maintain the format of the original document, while merely making it more organized and academic.



Our team for editing and proofreading provides a wide range of services for your content such as:

  • Grammar and Vocab Editing: We can fix all your mistakes such as spelling, punctuation, grammatical errors, incorrect translations, repetition, and diversity of word choice
  • Style Editing: We will take your style to the next level and ensure your content abides by academic standards such as objectivity, consistency, and making sure all writing is academic with summaries, quotations, citations, and more.
  • Feedback: We can provide you with proofreading and editing feedback on your work and tips on how to improve the next time. Our feedback extends to the different levels of language.


Our professional editing and proofreading services expand to a broad range of specific services such as:

  • Structure: Our structure review includes reviewing titles, headlines, paragraphs, organization, points, bullets, chapters, and more. 
  • Clarity: Vagueness is often a pitfall any of us might fall into, and so we ensure that your document, content, film translation, or subtitle translation is clear, concise, and delivers the goal and message expertly.
  • Citation: Citation is one of the more difficult aspects of publishing a document, research paper, or book. Abiding by the rules of citation such as APA can often be confusing, but our proofreading and editing team will have your work cited properly and accurately.
  • Vocab Check: Vocabulary is a big game in writing or translating, and often times we might find ourselves at a loss of words. With our knowledge of synonyms and wordplay, we will have your content be diverse and free of any fallacies.

Overall, editing and proofreading are indispensable aspects of writing, translating, subtitling, or any form of written content. The awkwardness of finding a spelling error or a grammatical mistake is something we have all been through, and more times than not, we find them after printing or publishing. However, with professional proofreading and editing services, you never have to worry about this. 


Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed. With over 12 years of experience, we can edit, re-edit, and then re-edit the work according to the client’s liking. Our master wordsmiths, translators, editors, and writers have proven and continue to prove their dominance and control over 160+ languages. Academic writing, translation, and even subtitle translation are our specialties. Our track record of improved businesses and satisfied clients is crystal clear. Choose the best, choose The Translation Gate.

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