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The Translation Gate provides movie translation services that will elevate you to the status of a worldwide storyteller. Prepare to broaden your audience with the help of our expert movie translator team, short film voiceovers, and feature film subtitling services.

We rigorously provide movie translation services for your film script or screenplay since your picture deserves to expand its cultural crossover and global appeal. No more missing your dialogue's passion, purpose, context, or tone due to a poor or non-expert film translator

You take your work seriously, and we do as well. Regardless of length or language, our specialized movie translator team can add subtitles and dubbing, as well as provide movie translation services to any text. Get a free quote now and let’s do business.

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    Need Professional Movie Translation Services?

    The Translation Gate works with you to deliver professional, and high-quality Movie translation services for your project.

    Certified Movie Translation Services

    It requires more than just translating your film and hoping for the best to maximize worldwide distribution. It is necessary to collaborate with a certified expert movie translator who specializes in your sector and is familiar with the industry’s technical language and procedures. 

    If you want your film to be a global hit, it must be localized for its intended audience. While many nations share the same language, accents, customs, and vocabulary can be quite different. Failure to account for geographical differences may confuse, distract, or even offend your audience. 

    The Translation Gate, as a professional movie translation service providing company, can assist you to reach your goals. You have a complete translation support system with our film translator staff of industry-backed translators that have linguistic backgrounds in over 220 languages

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    Our Movie Translation Services Process

    We promise extremely accurate movie translation services at The Translation Gate, thanks to our certified native movie translator team and three-step quality assurance procedure. Each of our clients is assigned an account manager who is in charge of directly managing the budget and general progress of each translation project. 

    On the other hand, The Translation Gate provides a large Translation Memory of previously translated terms and phrases to existing clients to maintain consistency throughout our movie translation services projects. What’s the advantage? Having fewer words to re-translate results in significant cost savings for clients with recurrent contracts.

    The process is easy:

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    Movie Translation Services for Scripts

    If your movie script is only available in English, you are already excluding 95% of the world’s population. Multilingual movie translation services and full-length subtitling services have helped international films and series such as “Parasite” and “Squid Game” become worldwide blockbusters. 

    The Translation Gate can broaden your exposure to over 220 different languages spoken across the world. Working with our movie translator group is like working with the finest of the best translators and having your movie ready in no time. 

    We provide the lowest pricing in the market for movie translation services that are provided for scripts, regardless of your budget.

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    Movie Translation Services for Many Languages

    As the best movie translation services provider in the region, The Translation Gate offers movie translation services in more than 220 languages to cover a global potential audience and ensure exposure and expansion for your motion picture.

    The translation Gate goes above and beyond to provide:

    Movie Translation Services for All Industries

    With viewers both inside and outside of the nation of origin, the movie industry is a massive one. In reality, along with music and fashion, cinema and film are the forms of culture that are most frequently exported to other nations. 

    It should come as no surprise that this industry depends on movie translation services into other languages to expand and develop. The Translation Gate provides movie translation services for all industries including:

    1. Educational films
    2. Magazine commercials
    3. Books promos
    4. Films
    5. Documentaries
    6. Theatrical Plays
    7. TV Play
    8. Opera
    9. Talk Show
    10. Short Film
    11. Commercials

    Waste no time and get a free quote now to get things done immediately.

    Why You Should Choose Our Movie Translator?

    The Translation Gate is the result of the collaboration of an excellent movie translator group with extensive expertise in the field of translation, notably in the translation of films, videos, and digital products. 

    As a consequence, the movie translation services provided to customers are always on time and of high quality. The Translation Gate presently employs various range of movie translator experts and even more collaborators around the country, allowing it to handle large amounts of work in a short period of time. Our movie translation services quality is continually increasing, allowing it to appropriately serve both domestic and foreign customers.

    Depending on the surroundings and psychology of the characters, the translation language is used in a number of ways. In addition, to stay true to the original, words in the style of young people, old people, or characters from other regions are used. 

    In both European and American films, characters regularly use slang in everyday speech. When translating into Asian languages, where excellent customs and traditions are cherished, the movie translator will use suitable terminology in order to prevent offending people while not altering the content.

    The Translation Gate now employs a number of modern movie translator assistance technologies such as Translation Memory, CAT Tools, term management, and others. As a result, we can provide enormous numbers of movie translation services while maintaining the finest quality for our customers. 

    The Translation Gate is proud to have received the ISO quality certification, which is verifiable confirmation of the company's high standards and technology-assisted movie translation services. We are now a dependable partner for a number of significant customers and other online streaming platforms.

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