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Thousands of press releases have been successfully translated by our skilled press release translation services providers. The Translation Gate is your best chance for accurate news translation services provided swiftly, regardless of which of the 220+ languages we cover you need your press release translated in.

If you want to make your business go global, you should send out press releases in all essential languages. This will necessitate the use of press release translation services by a certified provider to guarantee that your messaging is as authentic and accurate to the original as feasible. 

A basic translation is usually required, but if you are submitting the press release as proof for USICS, you must look for professional press release translation services.

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    Need Professional Press Release Translation Services?

    The Translation Gate works with you to deliver professional, and high-quality Press Release translation services for your project.

    Trusted and Guaranteed Press Release Translation Services

    In today’s global industry, simply publishing press releases in English is no longer sufficient. To effectively engage foreign journalists, editors, or your abroad consumers, you must disseminate your news items and pieces in various languages such as Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, and more. 

    This is why The Translation Gate is your best bet. We offer rapid and professional press release translation services in over 220 languages, allowing you to publish your multilingual releases with quality and speed throughout the world. 

    The Translation Gate has a big team of experienced native news translation services providers and multilingual public relations (PR) professionals on staff to provide expert language localization solutions and script translation services to our clients’ news wire translation needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

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    Swift News Translation Services

    The Translation Gate is the world’s leading on-demand news translation services provider, designed specifically to handle all of your news wire translation requirements in no time. When it comes to the international distribution of multilingual press releases, time is important. 

    Nobody enjoys reading an out-of-date news piece, and the same is true for a release that is being slowly translated for overseas journalists, editors, and reporters. This is why press release translation services should be provided effectively and quickly to have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your worldwide media initiatives. 

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    Many Tongues for Global Press Release Translation Services

    The Translation Gate is your perfect choice for multilingual press release translation services, as we provide news translation services and press release translation services in more than 220 languages to cover all of our client’s needs.

    Our services include:

    Automation Employed in Press Release Translation Services

    Multinational corporations are progressively providing press release translation services in an expanding number of foreign languages. The time and effort required to transfer data and manage localization production for each language can be daunting, resulting in a longer turnaround time and higher costs. 

    The good news is that The Translation Gate has created a completely automated translation management system, which streamlines the entire process with minimum human participation. We make it simple to automate your press release translation services providing process. 

    Such processes eliminate the need to manually transmit press release files before using our cloud translation management system to completely automate the press release translation services process.

    Press Release Translation Services for Multiple Industries

    A press release’s primary objective is to publicize a noteworthy and specific business-related topic. The objective is to alert the media to a situation or incident in the hopes that they would use it in stories and other content. 

    At The Translation Gate, we understand how important and critical press release translation services are. That’s the reason we provide press release translation services for multiple industries including:

    1. General news press release translation services
    2. Event press release translation services
    3. Crisis communications press release translation services
    4. Charity press release translation services
    5. New hire press release translation services
    6. Product launch or improvement press release translation services
    7. Award press release translation services
    8. Merger press release translation services
    9. Embargoed press release translation services

    Why The Translation Gate’s Press Release Translation Services

    When it comes to making sure your content is available to foreign markets on time, speed is critical. The Translation Gate connects your material with thousands of high-quality press release translation services experts in over 220 languages, allowing many translators to work on the same target language at the same time. 

    Having access to such a devoted group of translators not only enhances efficiency, but also collaborative input and therefore speed. The Translation Gate additionally makes use of TM (Translation Memory), a pre-existing database of certified industry-specific translations, to increase efficiency and consistency. Time is no issue for us.

    Machine translations can be excellent, but they frequently lack the quality and genuine feel that human translations provide. The Translation Gate is linked to the world's biggest terminology database which has over 100,000 pre-approved translators, each with their target languages and areas of specialty. 

    The Translation Gate not only connects your material with people, but we also verify that your content has been provided with press release translation services correctly.

    The Translation Gate was able to design a platform that provides high-quality news translation services by taking efforts to boost speed and efficiency and personalize your translations. We do not just pair your material with anyone. 

    To ensure that your information is translated by subject matter experts and efficient press release translation services professionals, we utilize hundreds of certified translators with specialized fields of interest and competence.

    We all know that human translation results in high-quality translations, but we also know that incorporating technology into the mix may significantly speed up the process. The Translation Gate has a large database of Translation Memory (TM) that our press release translation services professionals may utilize for industry-specific information. 

    Using TM eliminates the need to translate currently authorized phrases, resulting in less lost time and greater savings. Our quality doesn’t mean breaking the bank.

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