Rise 360: Your Hack For A Fully-Interactive eLearning Experience

The Translation Gate gives course developers the chance to completely revolutionize and globalize their eLearning courses with comprehensive content translation as well as multilingual DTP services through sophisticated tools like Rise 360 and Adobe InDesign.

Our DTP experts employ Rise 360 to make your course responsive and user-friendly in more than one language and use Adobe InDesign and more desktop publishing programs to ensure your eLearning materials are visually tailored to your target audience. Get in touch with our team now and get started!

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    Need Rise 360 Professionals ?

    The Translation Gate works with you to deliver professional, and high-quality Rise 360 projects.

    Why Rise 360?

    There are a few reasons why it is important for businesses to work with a desktop publishing agency that employs Rise 360 in their multilingual DTP services. The Translation Gate is the first desktop publishing agency to fully incorporate Rise 360 in multilingual DTP services to provide more consistent, collaborative, efficient, and secure solutions that meet the needs of businesses with complex desktop publishing requirements. The centralized project management and automation features of Rise 360 help us streamline the overall process which makes employing such a tool vital for businesses to achieve their global goals.

    • Consistency

    Rise 360 enables multilingual projects to be managed in a single centralized platform, which helps ensure consistency across layouts, design elements, styles, and fonts in all language versions.

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    Rise 360 To Ensure The Same Learning Experience On All Devices

    With the help of Rise 360, The Translation Gate ensures the same learning experience on all types of devices by ensuring responsive design within its templates and stylesheets so that content automatically adapts and lays out appropriately for any screen size from desktops to mobile phones. 

    As our experts enter content into Rise 360, the platform’s built-in responsive design capabilities format the content to be device-agnostic, allowing text to reflow, images to resize proportionally, and elements to rearrange for optimal viewing on any device screen.

    With our multilingual DTP services through Rise 360, our experts leverage responsive multimedia elements that adapt to different device viewports. Things like videos, animations, and interactions within Rise 360 content are created to be device-responsive so they display and function the same regardless of the learner’s device. 

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    Rise 360 For Multilingual DTP Services In 260+ Different Languages

    Rise 360 is an end-to-end content technology platform that powers how The Translation Gate scales its globalization solutions for clients. Rise 360 gives The Translation Gate a centralized system to manage the complexity of projects that span multiple languages and media types. With Rise 360, The Translation Gate can provide consistency across design elements and stylesheets in over 260 languages.

    Rise 360 also facilitates real-time collaboration between our in-house linguistic and desktop publishing experts and enables automation that speeds up processes and reduces errors. Rise 360 is the perfect tool to deliver premium multilingual DTP services and content translation services at a global scale while ensuring quality, compliance, and on-time delivery for clients around the world.

    Rise 360 To Take Your eLearning Experience Soaring

    The use of Rise 360 exceeds just web authoring to help create more interactive eLearning courses. There are many ways in which The Translation Gate can harness the premium features Articulate 360 tools have to offer through professional multilingual DTP services. What makes a platform like Rise 360 invaluable for eLearning companies producing localized courseware in multiple languages is that it facilitates consistency, collaboration, automation, accessibility, and governance across global eLearning projects. 

    Rise 360 helps centralize, standardize, automate, and govern the processes needed to produce and maintain compliance with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and accessible eLearning content at scale through all phases of development, review, and delivery. Rise 360 helps ensure WCAG compliance and accessibility features in the following ways:

    By centralizing all assets in one platform, Rise 360 makes it easier to enforce accessibility standards and check that all assets meet WCAG guidelines, including things like alternative text for images, proper use of headings and structure, compliant color contrasts, etc

    Rise 360 allows our DTP experts to create templates and stylesheets that embed accessibility features by default. Things like proper heading hierarchies, font sizes that meet minimum requirements, sufficient color contrast, etc. are easy to be built into the templates from the start.

    Any changes our DTP experts inflict on accessibility features in a master file or template within Rise 360 will automatically propagate to all linked or derived assets, maintaining compliance and accessibility throughout the entire project.