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The Translation Gate will surely distribute the original script's enthusiasm, retain its purpose and context, nurture the intensity and style of the conversation, and deliver the subject with the expertise it deserves.

Script translation for cinema, television, or the Internet is a highly skilled process that requires native speakers of the target culture and a professional script translator. The Translation Gate employs a superhero script translator team to guarantee the best quality possible while staying within tight deadlines. 

Whatever the target language you might require, The Translation Gate has a movie translator for it. We provide script translation into Arabic, Mandarin Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, Korean, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Polish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish... and many more that exceed 220 languages.

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    Need Professional Script Translation Services ?

    The Translation Gate works with you to deliver professional, and high-quality script translation services for your project.

    One-of-a-Kind Script Translation Services

    We provide more than simply script translation services for films and movies; we understand the importance of images in any audiovisual project. That’s the reason why The Translation Gate focuses on providing the best script translation services that will transmit your message the way it was intended. 

    We can handle the fundamental translation of a traditional script as well as modifying for dubbing (synchronizing for lip movements and time) or voice-over adaption (time synchronization) while taking into consideration the TCRs, or time code readings, of the audiovisual output. 

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    Script Translation Services We Offer at the Table

    Our primary clientele is audiovisual producers, independent directors or editors, public relations firms, and so forth. You might be our next client if you value quality in your script translation requirements. We’re here to help. As The Translation Gate offers a wide range of script translation services in the following areas:

    1. Film script translation
    2. Television series script translation
    3. Docurealities script translation
    4. Documentary script translation
    5. Animated series script translation
    6. Corporate video script translation
    7. Interview scripts translation

    A Script Translator for Transcription Services

    Do you require audio-to-text transcription? Or convert a video to text? You can rely on The Translation Gate! Besides our unrivaled script translation services, we provide transcription services with a competent movie translator staff of transcriptionists fluent in more than 220 languages. 

    The process of converting an audio or video file’s audio information into a written document is known as transcription. And that’s what The Translation Gate does best. Our skilled script translation service can then translate the transcription into the languages you want. Whether it was Arabic, Spanish, German, or even Chinese, we provide what you ask.

    Over 220 Languages Offered

    Our team of script translation services providers is made up of linguists who are specialists in their professions as well as subject matter experts. The Translation Gate pays close attention to cultural cues when providing film script translation services in any language we provide.

    With us, you can be sure to get affordable, inventive, and quick script translation services for skilled and professional globalization in more than 220 languages, including:

    Quality is a Priority in Our Script Translation

    We at The Translation Gate aspire to be the best script translation services provider in the whole world. That’s why we are well aware of the intricacies necessary for high-quality script translation. To translate a screenplay, a thorough comprehension of the aesthetic is required. 

    This is why we carefully select devoted and creative script translator and movie translator teams with prior expertise in both scriptwriting and cinematography. Connect with them now and get to know more.

    Script Translation for Movies

    As the success of translating famous films into other languages grows, precise and authentic translations become increasingly important. The growing popularity of Korean films and Japanese anime fueled the demand for script translation services. 

    With a vast range of script translator teams registered with The Translation Gate, your demands are carefully addressed, and script translation services are only provided by movie translator specialists who have the ability to offer you audiovisual script translation services efficiently.

    On the other side, Arabian nations have begun to adopt several Egyptian and Canadian films. As a result, the demand for Arabic script translation expanded, and the necessity became increasingly apparent. 

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    Why Hire a Script Translator from The Translation Gate?

    The Translation Gate’s impact on the film business has resulted in international acclaim for artists of all types. We turn to a competent script translator team who maintain the utmost respect for the creative process as they develop each translated word because we recognize that each production is a piece of art with its own soul.

    The Translation Gate has developed deep and personal partnerships with a script translator team from all around the world over the years to ensure high-quality script translation services from and into a wide range of languages that exceeds 220.

    Despite translation systems' creativity, they can never fully convey the essence of creative writing. This is why The Translation Gate only uses human translators for script translation.

    Any script translator at The Translation Gate goes above and beyond mere word-for-word script translation. They thoroughly research the background in order to provide an authentic portrayal of a screenplay or script in another language.

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