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Expand your business by enhancing and amending your business’ pros and cons with unrivaled survey translation services to reach more audiences and get actual results. 

The Translation Gate provides customer satisfaction, product feedback, and staff engagement market research translation services quickly and expertly. We've simplified and automated survey translation services so you can beat the competition by reaching your worldwide audience in the most efficient way possible across languages.

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    Need Professional Survey Translation Services?

    The Translation Gate works with you to deliver professional, and high-quality Survey translation services for your project.

    The Most Trusted and Accurate Survey Translation Services

    The Translation Gate is the only translation agency to provide multilingual survey translation services into Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, French, and more than 220 other European, African, and Asian languages with superb quality and a fast turnaround time. 

    You’ve invested time and money in creating the ideal market research surveys. Because of this, the top businesses around the globe rely on The Translation Gate to accurately and quickly provide market research translation services for their employee engagement and worldwide customer satisfaction surveys. 

    We offer state-of-the-art on-demand translation tools that speed up the delivery of multilingual survey translation services while enabling our qualified native linguists and subject matter experts to competently translate your surveys around the clock on all platforms. 

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    Automated Survey Translation Services

    For your multilingual surveys, The Translation Gate has created a comprehensive set of translation APIs that can be entirely automated. You can program your survey engines to send your survey content and questions directly to The Translation Gate for expert survey translation services professionals. 

    The Translation Gate will immediately transmit the translated material back to your survey engine when it has been reviewed and approved. Following that, you can launch your localized surveys right away using a completely automated approach with no human involvement. 

    For businesses that regularly distribute a lot of surveys, automated survey translation services are excellent. Please contact us to find out more about our translation automation solutions.

    Survey Translation Services for All Industries

    From providing survey translation services for survey introductions, questions, and email invitations to online survey administration, multilingual data collecting, and reporting, The Translation Gate offers end-to-end language localization services and solutions for all industries and all of your multilingual market research translation needs. 

    In order to translate your surveys quickly and expertly, we've optimized the language translation process to eliminate unnecessary human contact points. 

    Customers that choose to utilize The Translation Gate’s robust global survey platform also have their localized surveys set up and their server hosting taken care of, ensuring that their surveys run as quickly as possible in all key geolocations across the world.

    In order to ensure patient safety and comply with international regulatory requirements, medical surveys must be accurately translated. The Translation Gate specializes in offering medical research translation services for equipment and research papers including radiation generators, medical imaging devices, and medical research papers. 

    Manufacturing is one of the biggest sectors that heavily depends on survey translation services for international success. When translating your surveys, market research, or medical research into 220+ languages, we can guarantee the highest quality and speed since we have the linguistic resources, technological know-how, and market-leading localization technologies.

    Unlike other types of translation, software survey translation services provide unique challenges for reliable translations. To correctly translate software surveys, the main program must be questioned and surveyed before asking to upload screenshots and potential points of improvement. The Translation Gate has years of experience providing survey translation services for many software systems.

    Survey Translation Services in 220+ Languages

    The Translation Gate provides survey translation services in a variety of sectors with speed and quality in more than 220 languages. We are the industry leaders that you can turn to for global reach.

    We have the linguists and cutting-edge language techniques to provide survey translation services accurately every time, whether you need them in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, or Russian.

    Our knowledgeable survey translation services and market research translation services professionals can offer a number of solutions in practically every language spoken today, in addition to the primary languages listed below. Our most popular services include:

    Market Research Translation Services

    The Translation Gate provides the appropriate methods to offer market research translation for survey questions and quizzes as effectively as possible, regardless of whether you developed your surveys using SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, or SurveyGizmo. 

    The survey material can be sent to us as TXT, DOC, or native files for a number of survey systems. The Translation Gate has experience as well. 

    To obtain a market research translation quotation in real time, just send us your source material while selecting the target languages. Our pre-approved market research translation professionals are dispatched to translate your survey materials as soon as you confirm them. 

    Please contact us and get a free quote find out more about our online translation services.

    Why The Translation Gate’s Survey Translation Services?

    All sectors can benefit from the precise survey translation services provided by The Translation Gate's team of market research translation services and subject matter specialists.

    For instance, they are aware that providing survey translation services by human experts demands not only delivering linguistic correctness but also transforming the result into a goal statement that is culturally relevant to the target clients.

    You should choose The Translation Gate for a variety of reasons, all of which we've listed here.

    The Translation Gate provides economical survey translation services with lightning-quick turnaround times that are customized to match your budget.

    Expand your products and services to be international using The Translation Gate's survey translation services. We provide market research translation services targeted at global expansion.

    Using the survey translation services offered in 220+ languages by The Translation Gate, you may make your goods and services more widely available.

    Quick and almost immediate survey translation services guarantee an agile process and superior quality.

    The Translation Gate provides professional survey translation services utilizing the most advanced linguistic tools to ensure both quantity and quality.

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