Why Online Website Translation Services Are That Important?

Have you ever asked yourself why online website translation services are so Important? Well, in the digital era we live in, it’s crucial for companies and corporations, especially e-commerce stores, to have multilingual websites so as to secure their online presence. Having a great website means increased web traffic and higher revenues. That’s why you need to hire online website translation services that will provide you with the most reliable quality and 100% accurate translation in various languages.

According to statistics, over 47% of internet users prefer to visit websites in their native language. Moreover, more than 75% of customers do online shopping a minimum of once per month, and 42% of them never purchase items or services if the information is not available in their own language. So, in case you already live in a multilingual country like America or UAE, or you want to build a global brand, you should invest in online website language translation services to create a multilingual website.

What Is Website Content Translation?

Website content translation does not only involve converting the website text from one language into another. It is a complex process of website localization taking account of local cultural sensitivities along with marketing and programming expertise. Website localization usually strives to customize a website so that it seems “natural” linguistically and culturally to the target audience, despite the cultural differences between the creators and the audience.

For website content translation, companies tend to hire website translation services that go beyond translating the website pages information and extend to branding and marketing services. Furthermore, apart from the lingual part, website language translation services providers must consider the technical part of website localization process including correctly integrating files into the code stack, linguistic quality assurance (LQA), and source validation.

For example, if you want to translate your website from the English language to Modern Standard Arabic language, you will need to hire an Egyptian Arabic translator who ensures converting the source language (SL) content via correct and natural phrasing, domain-specific terminology, and suitability of the language in the localized content.

Website Translation Services
Website Translation Services

Why Are Online Website Translation Services Indispensable?

Professionalism and accurate translations always go hand in hand. Hiring professional website language translation services providers is a must in order to obtain accurate translations that can result in increased revenue and higher customer satisfaction.

Apparently, many people believe that website translation is a daunting mission. But, that’s far from true! Website translation is an easy, painless process if you hire the right translation agency.

If you translate your company’s website by yourself, you will invest much time without being able to focus on other essential business activities. Even if, the translation wouldn’t be the same as that of a professional website translator who is aware of various marketing strategies and tactics.

Moreover, if you hire an in-house translator to provide you with website translation services, you will need to hire a whole team to translate your website into different languages. For instance, you will need to hire an Egyptian Arabic translator to translate your website into Modern Standard Arabic language and a French language translator to provide you with French language translations, etc…

Accordingly, hiring a website translation services agency with a team of certified and qualified native translators is the best choice. It will not only save you money, but it will also assist in increasing your company’s market base internationally and will help your “limited English proficient” (LEP) customers feel more satisfied interacting with a website in their native language.

Which Is Better Machine Translation or Human Translation?

The answer, of course, is human translation. Using machine translations is undoubtedly way cheaper; however, a human translator is the best. To illustrate, marketing solutions mainly depend on emotions and employing a human translator can aid in developing emotional content. Even if you use machine translations like Google Translate, it’s still vital to hire human native translators to check and edit the machine translations.

Human translators know how to translate according to human psychology and choose words that can influence people. Website content translation involves website localization in addition to changing the emotional message hidden in the SL content to fit the new audience. Thus, hiring human website translation services guarantees you have no mistranslations with delivering the right message.

Hiring human website translation services is not only limited to huge corporations and multinational companies. Even if you are a small business owner, you can easily hire website language translation services according to your demands and your affordability.

Here, at the Translation Gate agency, our website translation process is smooth and running. After you decide which language to select for translation and send your current website version, we provide you with a detailed quote and timeline for the translation.

If you are wondering what is the best website translation services agency for you, we’re ready to help! The Translation Gate understands that website translation services are an integral part of a globalized company, that’s why we aspire to elevate the standards of content localization well beyond professional term selection and timely trend integration with supporting +160 languages. Request your quote now!

Website Translation Services
Website Translation Services

5 Reasons Why Hiring Website Translation Services Is That Significant:

Through website content translation, you will be able to reach out to millions of new potential customers. It is believed that companies boost their sales 10 times more than competitors using online website translation services. Here are some of the most important reasons you should take the step of website localization:

1- Expand your business 

Your business isn’t only limited to its current market, targeting new regions could give your business the boost that it needs. You should consider translating your content for customers who would be particularly interested in your product or service.

In addition to that, you might need to consider some markets where e-commerce is flying, such as China, which generates approximately $672 billion in online sales yearly. Paying attention to the top five most spoken languages across the globe, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, French, and Modern Standard Arabic language, is an extra tip. Opting for website content translation is definitely an immense step toward growing your business and increasing sales.

2- Make a top-notch first impression

When you create a multilingual website, people will treat your brand as an international brand which will increase your brand equity. Your company’s first impression is always crucial and customers usually judge your business and product according to what they see on your website. Making sure that your website content translation and its “look and feel” resonate with other cultures is a notable step in making an unforgettable first impression with potential customers.

3- Increase brand awareness

Employing native advertising is one of the most efficient ways of boosting brand awareness and winning over new customers. Opting for a multilingual website will aid foreign customers in understanding your brand clearly, which will result in better communication and increased brand awareness.

4- No more trust issues

Using website translation services build trust and credibility with potential customers, and help to ensure that they want to return to your site. By investing time and money into website localization, you will build relationships with current and future customers, which will lead to strengthening your brand and creating a strong perception of your brand.

5- Improve Google Ranking

 Translating your website can help improve your search engine optimization (SEO). According to Neil Patel (one of the best influential SEO strategists globally), Google has over 200 ranking factors, including translating headlines, meta information, and keywords. This will help your website rank on the first page of Google, reach more potential customers, and increase sales revenues.

6- Lead the market

Having a multilingual website can help you surpass your competition and give you an edge compared to your competitors. It makes your company stand out from competitors and allow it to grow exponentially.

To wrap up, online website translation services are imperative for every business if they aspire to dominate the global market. Contact The Translation Gate today for website language translation services and get your customized website according to your needs and budget with no hassle.


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