Conference Translation Services

Our simultaneous conference interpreting services can handle events of any size, in any industry, and any language, enabling simultaneous conference translation services for all visitors from across the world. 

Simultaneous conference translation services are used at several high-profile international conferences, like the United Nations General Assembly, where attendees wear headsets to hear their interpreters who then give precise information back to them in real time

International company conferences, sales presentations, and other product launches can all benefit from conference translation services. Consecutive interpreting works well in smaller meetings with fewer foreign guests or in meetings with only one participant who does not speak the language of the meeting.

To ensure the greatest precision and effectiveness in their interpretations for your visitors, The Translation Gate would advise using two translators who would work in shifts. You can make arrangements for extra interpreters to accommodate your delegates' needs if they are multilingual. These interpreters will work independently to ensure that everyone knows what is being said.

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    Need Professional Conference Translation Services?

    The Translation Gate works with you to deliver professional, and high-quality Conference translation services for your project.

    Vast Range of Conference Translation Services

    One of The Translation Gate’s most popular face-to-face interpretation services is conference interpretation services which enable participants at sizable events to communicate with each other and any notable speakers. 

    The conference translation services team at The Translation Gate provides both of the main types of face-to-face interpretation: simultaneous interpretation, in which the interpreter will translate what is being said concurrently with the speaker into another language, and consecutive interpretation, in which the interpreter will wait until the speaker pauses before translating.

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    Conference Call Translation Services for Every Industry

    The Translation Gate provides conference interpretation services and conference call translation services in over 220 languages to the world’s leading organizations and businesses. Working primarily with industry professionals ensures that our services have been built for the specific difficulties that your clients face.

    We tailor our solutions and technology to help you overcome difficulties specific to your industry, connect with new clients, and build connection bridges into economic opportunities. Our services cover the following industries:

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    220+ Languages Conference Translation Services

    For a range of business industries, The Translation Gate offers expert conference translation services in more than 220 languages. One expertly translated conference at a time, we have the multilingual expertise, subject matter experts, and cutting-edge language technology to support the world's top businesses in safely engaging global clients.

    Our customers' increased success in international business is a result of the need to conference translation services that The Translation Gate’s conference interpretation services continuously provide in more than 220 languages. 

    Because we utilize qualified, experienced native translators with the appropriate subject matter knowledge to translate all of your conferences, our translation procedures are ISO certified, and we consistently provide high-quality conference translation services outcomes. 

    Having merely linguistic abilities is insufficient for providing conference call translation services. The Translation Gate has made significant investments in the administration of linguistic resources so that we can always assign your conference translations to the linguists who are the most competent and have the most relevant expertise. Contact us now.

    Our pool of language services includes:

    Conference Call Translation Services

    Global social distance forced by COVID spread has created numerous opportunities for businesses to explore the enormous potential of conference calls and virtual meetings, bringing long-lasting impact to a significant B2B communications platform. 

    It has also forced conference operators to experiment with new approaches to attracting top thinkers, specialists, and audiences from a variety of industry verticals. In reality, more and more businesses are turning to virtual conferences, which are projected to last long after social distance is forgotten, and are gradually replacing conventional and ordinary conferences as the norm rather than the exception. 

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    Why Choose The Translation Gate?

    Quality is at the core of all we do in our daily work here at The Translation Gate. Because of our workflow's complete compliance with ISO standards, we can consistently produce the highest quality conference translation services.

    By matching you with linguistically and technically proficient conference translation services professionals who are also SMEs in your particular industry, The Translation Gate upholds its reputation as a top conference interpretation services provider. As a result, flawless precision is guaranteed.

    We are there for you every step of the way, day and night, from the beginning of the conference until its conclusion. We can respond to conference interpretation services demands swiftly and affordably because of our extensive network of specialized interpreters.

    We take pleasure in having a large talent pool of conference translation services interpreters who are proficient in more than 220 languages and all significant language pairings. All translators hired through contracts were rigorously screened to make sure they were qualified.

    Different formats of conference interpretation services are possible. Fortunately, we are able to readily meet a variety of interpretation demands, including conference call translation services and consecutive interpreting.

    conference interpretation services from The Translation Gate are completely HIPAA compliant. All interpreters are subject to an NDA and must adhere to a stringent code of conduct and ethics for language interpreters.

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